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9 Time Saving Cleaning Tips

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Living in a clean, tidy home is something we all strive to do. Unfortunately houses don’t become clean by themselves; we have to work for it. There are, however, many ways to skin a cat and certainly many ways to go about cleaning. There is no reason for cleaning to be a long arduous chore; we have some tips to help you clean your home much quicker than you might have been doing it thus far.

  1. Ditch the bar: 
    Instead of using good old fashioned bar soap in the bathroom, rather opt for shower gel. Bar soaps are the main offenders when it comes to soap scum and blocked drains.

  2. Flush the vinegar:
    Instead of struggling with hard-core water stains in the toilet bowl every once in a while, rather prevent them from happening and building up in the first place. Pour a cup of distilled white vinegar in your toilet once a month, let it stay overnight and flush the next morning.

  3. All in one place:
    Place all your cleaning materials and equipment in one place, like a bucket or a tote bag. You will save time but not having to collect everything every time you need to clean.

  4. Bye-bye broom:
    If you have a vacuum cleaner, throw out the old broom. You can clean all surfaces with a vacuum cleaner and it works much faster than a broom, making it pretty much obsolete.

  5. Clean. Only:
    Don’t multitask while cleaning; focus on the task at hand. Turn off that television and pack away that cell phone; distractions will only make the work go slower.

  6. Delegate:
    Why should you be the only one cleaning? Get the family involved and let them clean their own spaces and pick up after themselves.

  7. Top to bottom:
    The last thing you want to do is go back and clean what you’ve already dealt with. Make sure you clean from top to bottom, focusing on the floor last. 

  8. Less is more:
    Use cleaning products sparingly, the more you use, the more time you will have to waste in cleaning up the build-up

  9. Clean as you go:
    The last tip, and probably the best tip, is to clean as you go. Clean while you cook, clean as a mess happens, don’t leave any mess for later. This is easier said than done but if you can successfully do this; you will save a lot of time.

It is clear that with some preparation the cleaning business can be easier and go much faster, meaning that you can have a well-deserved long relaxing bath much sooner.