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Are you interested? Get comprehensive vehicle insurance with Dialdirect, download our top rated driving behaviour app, drive right and you could earn 75% of your premiums back* in cash. View the App guide for more details.

How about 25% cash back after 4 years? Our Payback Bonus is automatically included with your policy and pays you up to 25% of all your premiums*, or the entire first year's premiums (whichever is less) back in cash after four consecutive years of cover with us – even if certain claims are made. View the Payback brochure to find out more.

And what about premium waivers and other great benefits? It’s all part of Payback and it’s all waiting for you. Watch our videos to see what we’re offering you. If you have questions, have a look at our FAQs for answers.

*Terms and conditions apply.

More about the app

When you download the Dialdirect Insurance App, you also get Tow Truck Direct, where roadside assistance is the tap of a button away. Tow Truck Direct automatically detects your location and sends help directly to you. You can also see who is coming to help you, where they are on the map, and when they will get to you. With this new feature, you can be sure that you’re getting your vehicle towed by an accredited towing company, so you have peace of mind and we can better process and pay your claim. So you see, when you do your thing, you get back ching. Want more info? Watch our video on how Tow Truck Direct works.

Tow Truck Direct terms and conditions apply.

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