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These are some of the benefits that you could get with your insurance policy:

Assist Benefits - 24/7 emergency assistance

Our Assist Benefits are included with our Comprehensive Car, Home, and Buildings Insurance policies, as well as some of our other insurance products, so that you get what you should be getting from your insurer – the certainty that you’re covered. Because, let’s be honest, if something goes wrong, your insurance is the last thing you should be worrying about. All assistance-related benefits can be accessed 24/7/365 by dialling 0860 911 911.

Medical Assist

We know that when an emergency medical situation occurs, the best thing to have on hand is someone who knows what to do. That’s why you only need to dial one number to get immediate access to our 24-hour hotline for telephonic emergency medical advice, counselling and advice on domestic and child abuse, sexual assault, depression, bereavement, and funeral arrangements.

Roadside & Towing Assist

Our Roadside and Towing Assist is now even better with the Dialdirect Insurance App, where help is a tap of a button away. You get direct access to emergency roadside assistance after a vehicle accident, help changing a flat tyre, charging a flat battery, the services of a locksmith, fuel delivery (fuel charged at cost), or towing and storage of your vehicle. We want to make sure you send your vehicle off with an accredited assistance provider, to safeguard your asset and make it easier for us to process your claim.  We will send you the name, photo ID and vehicle registration number of the assistance provider on their way to assist you, so you know who to expect. You can even track where they are and when they’ll arrive at your location. Once you’re a comprehensive vehicle insurance customer, all you need to do to get Tow Truck Direct is download the Dialdirect Insurance App and register. Want more info? Click here to watch a video on how Tow Truck Direct works.

The Breakdown Assistance service has a maximum annual limit of three call-outs per insured vehicle. Tow Truck Direct terms and conditions apply.

Should you wish to display an Assist and Towline disc on your vehicle, you can download a free PDF version here. Simply print it in colour, cut it out, and place it in a disc holder in your car.

Home Assist

We’ll cover the call-out fee plus one hour’s labour for the services of plumbers, electricians, glaziers, and locksmiths. We’ve even given you full access to a comprehensive database of artisans, where referrals can be given for builders, carpet specialists, painters, garden services, and fire damage repairers.

Trauma Assist

The Trauma Assist benefit was created to help you and your family if you experience a traumatic event. When you need to speak to someone who is professionally trained in dealing with trauma, you can be assured that our nationwide network of over 110 recognised trauma centres is available to you 24/7.

Legal Assist

If you need qualified legal assistance, our professionals are just a dial away. Legal help can be costly, but with our Legal Assist Benefit, you get the assurance that our expert telephonic assistance will see you through your personal legal matters, and it’s automatically included with many of our insurance policies.

Business Assist

Business Assist is our vast range of services that provides you with just about everything you can think of to help make the running of your business easier. If you’ve got Business Insurance with us, you automatically get all of these services included in your policy. Here’s what you get:

Trading and Market Place

This is an online trading platform that provides links between your business and other companies, so that you have access to new business opportunities. You can also promote your products and services to a large database of clients.

Business Advisor Service

The Business Advisor Service puts you in touch with a panel of expert business leaders who can give you practical advice when you need it. They will give you pointers for increasing your market share, identifying potential problems in your business, information on best practices, and much more.

Business Information Service

The Business Information Service provides you with whatever general business information you need. Simply call the dedicated number, tell us what you’d like to know, and one of our specialists will get back to you.

Financial Advisor Service

The Financial Advisor Service puts you in touch with independent experts who can give you sound financial advice. You’ll get practical tips that will help you to grow your business, and our panel of independent experts will address all of your queries in the strictest confidence.

Personal Assistant Service

The Personal Assistant Service is available 24/7/365 and will help you with your everyday arrangements, such as directions to your appointments, help with travel bookings, reservations at restaurants or golf clubs, and taking messages on your behalf when you’re unavailable.

Legal Advisor Service

Our Legal Advisor Service puts you in touch with legal experts who can provide telephonic advice and help research particular legal issues on your behalf. They can also provide you with samples of legal contracts such as shareholders’ agreements, trust deeds, commercial leases, and more. The first half-hour consultation is at no cost, and thereafter you pay discounted rates.

Vehicle Dealer Service

With our Vehicle Dealer Service, we will source new or pre-owned vehicles on your behalf through a network of over 120 motor dealerships nationwide. You can also get discounts on a wide range of vehicle accessories. The service handles all of the related administration, ensuring that the whole process is hassle-free.

Tax Advisor Service

Our Tax Advisor Service puts you in touch with a panel of tax advisors who can provide you with sound advice.

Procurement Officer Service

Our Procurement Officer Service can find just about any product or service you need, from stationery and office equipment, to business services and more. Plus, through our relationships with our database of over 145 000 suppliers, we can pass our savings on to you.

Online Shopping Service

Shop online with our Online Shopping Service and get discounted packages and deals on a range of items, all with free delivery. Some of these include office equipment and stationery, computer equipment, corporate gifts, and more.

Travel Desk Service

You can use our Travel Desk Service to get business travel packages at affordable prices, including airfares, accommodation, car hire, and tours.

Discount Vouchers

Our Discount Vouchers are like cash in your hand, and you get great savings on products and services you regularly use. You benefit from our large network of business and supplier contacts from whom we get special offers and savings.

Office Maintenance Service

Our Office Maintenance Service finds trustworthy suppliers and will negotiate good rates on your behalf, leaving you to get on with the business of business. We’ll help you find service providers for appliance repair and support, customer warranty support, office repair emergencies, and office relocations.

IT Procurement Service

Our IT Procurement Service gives you access to the services of an IT expert who can advise and assist you with the purchase of the right systems you need to run your business effectively. Our IT experts will define your specifications and obtain competitive quotes from different suppliers.

IT Help Desk Service

The IT Help Desk Service is manned by qualified computer technicians who can help with your computer-related problems and queries, at no extra cost.

Labour Advisor Service

Our Labour Advisor Service specialists can provide practical telephonic information and advice on the various Acts that apply to labour law, including: the Labour Relations Act, the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, the Employment Equity Act, and the Skills Development Act. The first half-hour consultation is free of charge, thereafter, you’ll pay discounted rates.

Medical Officer Service

The Medical Officer Service gives you immediate telephonic access to registered doctors, ICU-qualified nursing sisters, and paramedics. They will also research hospitals closest to you and arrange an ambulance for emergencies.

Road Assist

You get comprehensive breakdown and accident assistance with our Road Assist service. This includes towing to the nearest dealer after a mechanical/electrical breakdown or accident; 72 hours’ storage after tows; collision procedure advice; and more.