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Home Insurance

Protect all the stuff you love most in your home, like your appliances and furniture, against fire, theft, and floods.

What is Household Insurance


Life is unpredictable. Accidents happen, as do floods, theft, fires and general mayhem. This is why we at Dialdirect offer a range of home insurance products that ensures you’ll always have a place to come home to – no matter what happens.

Our home insurance quotes include cover for damage caused by a multitude of factors because we know how important it is that you protect your most valuable asset. If any of the fixed structures on your property are damaged or destroyed, whether due to a run-of-the-mill power surge or weather trouble, we’ve got you covered.

Plus, if you remain claim-free after four years of uninterrupted cover, our Payback Bonus will give you 25% of all of your premiums or your first year’s premiums (whichever is less) back in cash (provided you select the Payback Bonus).

Home Insurance Products

What customers say

I had a car accident on the 31st of March it was a hit an run the person bumped to my car ran away today im happy to say my claim was approved and will like to thank dialdirect with your team regarding my claim the service was perfect my car will be fixed

Mbalie R

I am very happy with the service dial direct has been rendering over the years i have insured my car with them, I recently had an accident and they processed my claim very quickly and my car was repaired with no hustles.On 15th of October I had a breakdown on my way to fix a clutch at a dealership and called for road assistance, the consultant i spoke to was very quick to help. Keep up the good work

Tlangelani M

I would like to take this opportunity and express my gratitude for the great service that i received from the Dial direct Team. My sister was involved in a car crash where the vehicle was deemed a write-off. The process of claiming was pain and stress free. From assist line, Melody assisted with deploying the emergency services to the scene within minutes and i was already informed on who was towing the vehicle and where to. My claim was then allocated to Lehlogonolo and Terence Burger who kept me informed on the developments and progress until the claim was finalised. Not a day had i called in to the call centre requesting an update because they always provided feedback on the day they promised. Even though i no longer have that vehicle, i am still a proud Dial Direct customer and will always be.

Gladys K

Home Insurance Benefits

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Select our Payback Bonus and get back ching after four years of claim-free, uninterrupted cover

Registering online for self-service lets you manage your policy 24/7 – and gives you 500 MB free data

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We’ll provide security or another place to stay until your home is repaired and safe.

If you need to move out temporarily because of a disaster we cover you for, we’ll pay for a portion of your rental costs while your home gets sorted out.

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You also get liability cover for yourself and any domestic employees who work on the property.

Frequently Asked Questions: Home Insurance


What does householder’s insurance cover?

Dialdirect building insurance covers your main dwelling as well as any other fixed structures on your property. This means that the policy will also cover a granny flat, garage, swimming pool, boundary walls and fences, and other standard fixtures and fittings that are protected.

Is building insurance a legal requirement?

No. It is not compulsory to have building or home insurance in South Africa. However, homeowners who apply for a home loan with a financial institution will find that most banks require this before an application is approved.

The difference between building and home contents insurance

Building or home insurance refers to the brick and mortar structure of the home. The cover extends to the home’s exterior and physical structures, along with on-property facilities, like a garage. Home contents insurance, in comparison, covers contents found inside the house, like appliances and furniture.

Why do you need to insure your home?

It’s important to insure your home and home contents in order to cover you against any loss or damage, like theft, natural disasters, accidental or malicious damage. Your insurance will afford you the financial means by which to repair or replace your lost or damaged property.

Get a Home Insurance quote.