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Value Added Products


At Dialdirect, we’re more than just insurance; we want to add value to your cover and your life. That’s why you can get a Value-Added Product quote on a range of insurance extras that boost your cover or as standalone products. If you’re covered by us, it’s all included. You can still buy them separately if you’re not covered by Dial Direct and reap the benefits.

Auto Top-Up 

If your car is written-off or stolen and not recovered, Auto Top-Up helps cover shortfall amounts still owing on the vehicle. You can also upgrade it to get even more value, so why not get an Auto Top-Up quote today?

Tyre & Rim Guard

Anyone who’s ever driven on our roads knows that dodging potholes isn’t the name of a fun game but a daily reality. Get a Tyre & Rim Guard quote today to protect your tyres and rims from accidental damage.

Personal Accident

You can’t know if something bad is going to happen, but you can be prepared to deal with it. Get a Personal Accident quote with us to secure your and your family’s future wellbeing.

Scratch & Dent

What is it about getting a new car that somehow seems to attract dents, chips, and scratches? Luckily, you can get a Scratch & Dent quote to keep your car looking shiny and new.

Legal Cover

Our Legal Cover comes with telephonic legal advice, mediation benefits, litigation benefits, and tax services. You can also choose the level of cover that suits you when you get a Legal Cover quote.

Funeral Cover

No one likes to think about the negative things that might happen in the future. With our Funeral Cover, you don’t have to. Speak to us today for a Funeral Cover quote and we’ll help your loved ones take care of the details when the time comes.

Extended Vehicle Warranty

Protect your car and your ching for even longer with our Extended Vehicle Warranty. It provides unlimited cover as soon as your manufacturer’s warranty expires.  

Pre-owned Vehicle Warranty

Don’t lose ching if your car breaks down. With our Pre-Owned Vehicle Warranty, designed for vehicles with an expired manufacturer warranty or soon to end extended warranty

Add even more value to your insurance policy with a Value-Added Insurance Product quote today.