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Pothole Insurance


Pothole cover is an add-on policy for your vehicle insurance. For instance, it allows you to claim if your tyres are damaged when you hit a road pothole. This type of policy typically covers your rims, mags, and tyres.


What is Pothole Cover?

South Africa, unfortunately, has many potholes, and tyre replacement can be expensive. The high traffic volume, weather patterns, and resource challenges contribute to this reality. Roads that are damaged inevitably lead to vehicle damage. This is why you need cover, so you can make a pothole insurance claim if you are affected. 

Dialdirect developed a pothole cover solution for you, so you don't get out of pocket if you hit a pothole.

Pothole Cover Benefits

You can claim for the repair or replacement of the tyres and rims fitted on your vehicle that is accidentally damaged by potholes or uneven road surfaces. You can claim for 2 tyre incidents and 2 rim incidents up to the limit of your selected plan per year.

Contact one of our helpful consultants on 0860 10 50 85
for more information on available plans.

Pothole Insurance Pricing

You can choose the cover that best suits your needs and pocket. With 5 different plans to select from, the right tyre and rim insurance for you will correlate with the replacement value of a tyre on your vehicle. Plans range from R1 000 up to R10 000. Contact one of our helpful consultants on 0860 10 50 85 for more information on available plans.

A used tyre tread excess is payable on a tyre claim. We work this out based on the amount of used tyre tread at the time of the claim – so the less worn the tyre, the lower the excess.

What about excesses?

No excess is payable on rim claims. A tread excess does apply on tyre claims. See pricing section below for more details.

Fine support

What is covered?

With Fine Support, you’ll get quick and efficient traffic fine monitoring and notification service plus assistance in securing discounts on new fines if available.

Frequently Asked Questions: Pothole Insurance

What is excluded from Pothole Insurance

  • Damage to tyres and rims on cars used for racing and/or speed reliability testing.
  • Damage to tyres and rims from a car accident, hijacking or theft, covered by comprehensive car insurance.
  • Damage to tyres and rims due to misuse, neglect or malicious damage.


Refer to Terms and Conditions for a full list of exclusions.

What are the limitations of Fine Support?

  • The Fine Support service is limited to traffic fines issued within the Republic of South Africa.
  • The Fine Support service is limited to vehicles registered under the Pothole Insurance policy with the Fine Support benefit.
  • Your premium must be paid in full at the time the fine is issued.
  • You will be liable for the payment of the actual fine/s.
  • At the time that the fine is issued, you must comply with all the legal and regulatory requirements of the National Road Traffic Act, 1996 (Act No. 93 of 1996) and other relevant legislation.
  • The Fine Support service does not guarantee the performance of the traffic department.
  • The Fine Support service does not include negotiating reductions in AARTO demerit points.

What is excluded from Fine Support?

We will not provide assistance for the following fines received by policyholders:


  • Driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs
  • Pre-existing fines
  • Where no fine value is posted because the offense went straight to court
  • Where the arrest warrants following the fine have already been issued.


Refer to Terms and Conditions for a full list of exclusions.

How do I make changes?

  • To make changes to your policy, call our customer care centre on 0860 10 50 85 and one of our helpful consultants will assist you
  • Any change or cancellation will be effective from the time and date agreed to.
  • If we need to make changes or cancel your policy we will give you 31 days’ written notice.

What process must I follow to claim pothole insurance?

First, contact your claim’s team. You will be assigned a consultant to manage the process on your behalf. 

To file a claim for pothole damage, do the following:

  • Be sure to log the claim within 15 days of the incident.

  • Have your ID, driver’s licence and membership details ready. We may also ask you for evidence, so take photos of the pothole and your vehicle damage. 

  • If your claim is valid, Dialdirect will submit your paperwork and manage the process.

How do my payments work?

Your Pothole Insurance policy is payable on a monthly basis through debit order. Your premium is deducted on the date stated on your schedule to provide cover for the following month


To download your Pothole Insurance terms and conditions, 

Does insurance cover pothole damage?

No, you need to take out policy cover as an add-on policy. It may seem like an unusual form of cover, so you may ask yourself the question -does insurance cover pothole damage? Yes, it does.  Dialdirect offers comprehensivepothole insurance policies.

How much will Dialdirect pay out for a pothole claim?

The exact amount will depend on your policy. A Dialdirect representative can help you understand what you could expect to receive. Contact us for more details and a quote for pothole cover.

How much do pothole insurance premiums cost?

You can select the coverage that offers you the best options at a premium you can afford. Your premium cost will depend on the value of your rims and tyres. Contact our consultants for a free pothole cover quote.

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