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As a tradesman, we know you are always on the move, traveling to your client's premises. This means that your tools and equipment are always with you and has to be in working order at all times. With Dial Direct you are always covered. 

Business Insurance for Tradesman 

With our Business Insurance, we cover a range of trades, such as electricians, plumbers, locksmiths and handymen. Here’s what you get cover for:

  • tools and tool boxes and other equipment 
  • business interruptions due to loss or damage to your business premises 
  • business items that are regularly taken away from your business premises
  • damage, loss to, or theft of your business vehicles
  • third-party death, injuries, or property damages if you are responsible
  • public liability 


When it comes to your business, you can be certain that you get extra benefits when your business is insured with us:

  • you can choose to insure your cars, trucks up to 10-ton, motorcycles and trailers used in your business
  • you get all of our Business Assist services
  • cashback available on all of our business insurance policies at an additional premium