Tradesman Business Insurance

Tradesman Business Insurance


As a tradesman you spend the majority of your day on the road, taking your business to a variety of clients’ premises. This means that your most important business assets, like your tools and equipment, need to be with you and in working order at all times.

Business insurance products:


  • Specialised extended cover for loss or damage to your computers and licensed software used for business purposes has been included with your business insurance policy
  • Freedom to include Business Vehicle Insurance for your cars, motorcycles and trailers
  • Business Assist services included

What's covered

  • Business interruption due to loss or damage to your business property
  • Theft of your business goods
  • Loss or damage to your safe, cash, and cheques
  • Business items that are regularly taken away from your business premises
  • Damage, loss, or theft to your business vehicles
  • Third party death, injuries, or property damages if you are responsible

Business types covered: Electricians, Plumbers, Locksmiths, Garden Services, Handymen and Electronic installers.

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