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Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance provides financial compensation to an individual in case of accidental injury, death, or disability. It covers the policyholder in case of accidents outside their workplace while travelling, engaging in leisure activities, or performing everyday tasks.

What is Personal Accident Insurance?

The compensation provided by accident cover may be in the form of a lump sum payment or a regular income for a specified period. Accidents can happen so unexpectantly. That’s why it’s best to be prepared. A comprehensive personal accident cover policy can go a long way to achieving preparedness. 

Dialdirect’s accident cover policy ensures you’re covered for whatever life throws your way. If you have a personal accident that leaves you injured, hospitalised, disabled, or even results in death, our policy covers you. You don’t need to undergo medical checks when applying for accident cover.

Personal Accident Insurance Benefits

  • 24HR Medical Emergency Evacuation in the event of an accident. 
  • Cover for non-medical expenses should you be injured and hospitalised due to an accident.
  • Tax-free payout due to death or disablement of the insured as a result on an accident.
  • Assistance should you be exposed to HIV due to an accident.
  • Access to professional trauma counselling as a result of an accident.
  • Assistance with submitting a claim against the Road Accident Fund.

Children’s Benefits


Children are also covered for the maximum amounts below:


• R20 000 for children unborn to 6 years old

• R50 000 for children 7 to 14 years old.

• 25% of the main member’s cover for children between 15 and 21, and up to 25 if they are registered full-time students.




In the event that you are hospitalised, as a result of an accident, we will cover non-medical expenses from the first day of hospital admission, up to a maximum of 104 weeks.

Death Cover


Should you die as a result of an accident, we will compensate your nominated beneficiary/ies or estate to the level of cover chosen. Compensation will be paid in one lump sum and this payment will be tax-free.

Total permanent disablement cover


Should you suffer disablement as a result of an accident, we will compensate you according to the scale of benefits and level of cover chosen.



The Personal Accident policy is not a medical scheme and the cover is not the same as that of a medical scheme. This policy is not a substitute for medical scheme membership.

Personal Accident Cover

Individual CoverDisabilityDeathHospital
Plan A Plus R50 000 R50 000 R500 p/day
Plan B Plus R150 000 R150 000 R750 p/day
Plan C Plus R250 000 R250 000 R1000 p/day
Plan D Plus R350 000 R350 000 R1250 p/day
Plan E Plus R500 000 R500 000 R1500 p/day

PremiumMain Member Premium:

From R89pm

Spouse/Partner Premium:

From R65pm

Frequently Asked Questions: Accident Cover

What is excluded from personal accident cover?

Some scenarios are excluded from accident cover. These exclusions are typically the following:

  • Injury due to mental disability

  • Self-inflicted injuries or suicide

  • Hospitalisation, disability, or death as a result of risky activity

  • Hospitalisation, disability, or death resulting from drug or alcohol abuse

  • Hospitalisation for reasons of illness rather than accident 

  • Disability or death due to an accident that happened before the policy was in place

  • Injury or death by natural causes 

How do I file an accident cover claim?

Filing your personal accident insurance claim is simple. Call our contact centre on 0860 10 50 85 to speak to a consultant about your case. A Dialdirect representative will help you with the rest. Our call centre is open Monday through Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm. 

How do my personal accident payments work?

Your policy is payable on a monthly basis through debit order. Your premium is deducted on the date stated on your schedule to provide cover for the following month

How do I update my policy?

To amend your accident cover policy, contact the Dialdirect 

customer care centre on 0860 10 50 85. One of our friendly and efficient consultants will help you make any necessary changes to your personal accident insurance policy. Amendments will be valid from the day and time you agree to with your consultant. 

We’ll give you 31 days' written notice if we need to make any changes to your policy from our end.

Who should take out personal accident insurance?

Most people should have personal accident cover in place. With the appropriate cover, it may be easier to meet all your financial commitments if you have an accident. Having accident cover alleviates some of the stress in the event of an incident.

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