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Business Property Insurance


If you don’t own a large portfolio of property, you might not realize that it’s a smart idea for any business to insure their business property. We can assure you that in today’s changing climate conditions, it’s become more important than ever. We’re taking a stand in helping businesses prepare for climate, social and political changes that may be on the horizon in the next couple of years. 


Dialdirect is a massive player in the business insurance industry, and we’ve expanded our business coverage options in a major way. It’s become easier than ever to create a cover for you which recognises your specific insurance needs that may be unique to your business.


At Dialdirect, you’re rewarded for doing what you do best, while we’ll handle the formalities. You can be certain that we’ve got your business covered. Do your thing. Get back ching with Dialdirect. 


Why do you need Business Property Insurance

You’re a business owner, but you haven’t protected your building or premises against any natural disasters, threats or weather conditions. Without the correct kind of cover, your business might fall victim to risks that are impossible to predict. Now, it's time to change that, regardless of the scale of your business. The good thing is that anyone can benefit from Business Property Insurance – whether you own or rent your property, you’ll gain broad coverage. 


Dialdirect is here to offer you essential Business Property Insurance for your business. We’re your partners in protection, and our focus is on making sure that you’re covered from a variety of risks and damages that could damage your business’ property. We’re the ones to call on when something goes wrong with your property. 


What does Business Property Insurance cover?

Our Business Property Insurance is comprehensive but can easily be adjusted to best suit your individual business needs. We provide the reliability and certainty that you need to keep going, despite the risks. We’ve included the most common forms of cover in the policy, but we can easily add or change things to protect your business from as much risk as possible. 


Our Business Property Insurance includes:


  • Property owners’ liability

  • Fire and peril cover

  • Theft that may occur on your premises

  • Accidental Damage to your property

  • Building liabilities

  • Loss of rental, up to a certain amount

  • Malicious damage cover

  • Geyser replacement

  • Glass cover 

  • Leakages

  • Damage to fixtures and fittings and walls

  • Loss of keys or access control measures


Don’t worry, we can easily tailor this to include or exclude certain features, but not before we ensure that we’ve got the perfect coverage for your business. You can also simply combine different business policies so that you’ve got protection in every possible area. 


Business Assist Benefits

With Dialdirect, you’re rewarded just for working with us. You get so much back when you take out any of Dialdirect’s business policies. This is because you’ll gain telephonic and email access to our support team, who are professionals in many different business areas.


Our Business Assist Benefits are crafted to support your business in a lot of different areas, from purchasing goods, emergency building repairs, medical and roadside assistance, debt counselling, and even making appointments. We’re available 24/7 to ensure that you get help right when you need it. 


We also offer assistance with setting up a digital presence for your brand, including building a website and starting up on social media. There’s even a specialised IT helpdesk available if you’re ever faced with technical challenges. We’ve got a lot of other assist benefits available to you so that you can maximise your value for money. 


Business Property Insurance quotes

To get a Business Property Insurance quote with Dialdirect or to get a quote, call us on  0860 10 50 85 or email us on [email protected].


Dialdirect is an authorised FSP and Insurer T’s and C’s online

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