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Practice Insurance

Taking care of your patients is your business, and taking care of you is ours. We understand that medical practices have vastly different insurance needs than most other business types, so our Practice Business Cover combats the unique risks that you face.

Practice Business Insurance

We cover most medical professions, including doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, optometrists, veterinary surgeons, orthodontists, chiropractors, audiologists, and psychiatrists. Here’s what you’re covered for with our Practice Business Insurance:

  • fire damage to buildings, machinery, tools, equipment, fixtures and fittings, stock and materials, and miscellaneous items
  • business interruptions due to loss or damage to your business property
  • office furniture that is kept on your business premises
  • third-party death, injuries, or property damage if you are responsible
  • death, disablement, and medical expenses is covered for insured owners and shareholders


Because you devote your time to taking care of your patients, we devote ours to giving you extra value through our benefits:

  • specialised extended cover for loss or damage to your computers and licensed software used for business purposes
  • You can choose to include Business Car Insurance for your cars, motorcycles and trailers.
  • You get all of our Business Assist services.