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When your vehicle is written-off, or stolen and not recovered, you still have to pay the balance of what you owe on your vehicle to your finance company. That’s why we have stepped up and created Auto Top-up, which helps you deal with this shortfall amount. View brochure.

This is an add-on to your Dialdirect Comprehensive Car Insurance policy, and you have the option to upgrade it with our Deposit Protector. With this upgrade, we will pay out either the deposit paid (at the time of purchasing the vehicle) or 10% of the insured value of the vehicle at the time of the claim, whichever is the lesser.


In addition to giving you the certainty that your financial shortfall will be covered if your car is stolen and not recovered, or written-off, you get extra benefits on top of this:

  • You have the option to upgrade with Deposit Protector.
  • There is no first amount or excess payable on either Auto Top-Up or Deposit Protector claims.