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Your business is more than just four walls; you work hard for it, so your business insurer should be there to assure you that what you’ve built is covered.  That's why we tailor our Professional Business Insurance to suit the specific risks faced by professional agencies.

Professional Business Insurance

Our Professional Business Insurance is tailor-made for accountants, lawyers, auditors, financial advisors, brokers, management consultants, and consulting engineers. Here’s what you can expect from it:

  • loss or damage to the structure of your business's buildings
  • theft of your business goods
  • loss or damage to your safe, cash, and cheques
  • damage to the fixed glass at your business premises
  • accidental damage or loss of business goods
  • damage, loss, or theft to your business vehicles


With us, you don’t only get complete insurance clarity so you always know what you’re covered for, but you get extra value too, through our benefits:

  • specialised extended cover for loss or damage to your computers and licensed software used for business purposes
  • You can choose to include Business Car Insurance for your cars, motorcycles and trailers.
  • You get all of our Business Assist services.