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Comprehensive Car Insurance

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What is Comprehensive Car Insurance?


Comprehensive Car Insurance protects you against financial loss if you’re involved in a car accident or collision, cause damage to someone else's vehicle or property, or if your car is stolen. This level of insurance is ideal for drivers looking for peace of mind on the road, as it protects you against damage to your car and other drivers' vehicles regardless of who is at fault.

What is covered under a Dialdirect Comprehensive Car Insurance policy?


  • Theft or hijacking

  • Accidents, inclusive of natural disasters 

  • Flood or fire damage

  • Third party liability
  • Towing and storage

  • Windscreen damage

  • Hail damage


With Dialdirect, all repairs come with a lifetime guarantee, making it one of the best comprehensive car insurance deals on offer. This type of cover offers a wide range of protection. 


What is not covered with Dialdirect’s Comprehensive vehicle insurance?


  • You or your passenger’s medical expenses as the result of a car accident

Frequently Asked Questions: Comprehensive Car Insurance Cover

Can anyone drive your car if you have Comprehensive insurance?

Comprehensive insurance covers a regular driver of the car and not neccesarily the policyholder.

Is it worth getting Comprehensive Car Insurance?

Comprehensive Car Insurance provides the broadest amount of cover for the policyholder, ensuring your vehicle is extensively protected against a loss as specified in your policy.

What Our Clients Have to Say

Hi folks. I have had car insurance for 18 years. Yes, I'm a golden oldie. Medieval you might say... probably immortal. :) And never in all this time have I dealt with a more competent team than the Dialdirect group. Let's be honest, phoning around for car insurance is a pain in the butt. You guys want ALL of the info in the world. It takes long and it's unpleasant. But you know what? I got Natalie Skyle!! And it was the most jolly conversation I have had in 18 years. Just like that she won me over and impressed my socks off. Then I struggled to log on. I phoned the call centre and guess what? That lady was awesome too! This is not first caller luck. This is awesome service. THANK YOU Dialdirect!

Susan D

Very good service I have received from this company in December . Been trying to write my review and I am happy today I am able to. My claim was processed and paid put withing 3 weeks as my car was a write off.

Bontle M

Very simple and seamless customer service for a claim, even with a 3rd party involved. I was very stressed after my accident but Dialdirect was very helpful and proactive. They guided me through how to deal with a 3rd party and set me up for my repairs really well. The only thing I regret is not having car hire in my policy but that was my oversight.

Amy U

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