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Vehicle Insurance Products


Whether you have a solid SUV to take the whole family along, a motorcycle to enjoy the open road, or a trailer for those weekends away in the bush, we at Dialdirect have the right vehicle insurance for you. We offer insurance for cars, motorbikes, caravans, trailers, watercrafts, and even golf carts. We also have BetterCar, the superhero version of our Comprehensive Car Insurance.

Click on the options to learn more about each insurance product and to get a quick vehicle insurance quote, or check out the awesome benefits our customers get access to below.

Monthly Payback with Comprehensive Car Cover

Our comprehensive car cover comes with a whole range of benefits, like Monthly Payback. You can get up to 75% cash-back every month paid straight into your account just for driving right. You have the chance to earn vouchers from our rewards partners every month and show your mates who the best driver is.

Tow Truck Direct

How about the peace of mind you get with the Dialdirect Insurance App? You can directly access emergency assistance or order a tow truck with Tow Truck Direct if your vehicle breaks down. Order a tow at the tap of a button, and watch as your tow truck driver makes their way directly to your location. See the estimated time of arrival, what they look like, and their personal and vehicle details so you know exactly when help will arrive and who is bringing it.

Online Vehicle Cover Policy Management

When you take up vehicle cover, you can do your own vehicle inspection through your free personal online profile. This profile allows you to manage your policy 24/7. Our no-hassle online policy management gives you the control, where you can update your details, add cover, or request documents within minutes – anywhere, anytime. We’ll give you 500MB of free data just for registering online and confirming your details. With Dialdirect, it’s easy to insure right. Do your thing. Get back ching.