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Riding a motorbike isn’t all about skipping rush hour, although that is a pretty good reason to own one. It’s also about the freedom you get when you ride on the open road. With Dialdirect, you get motorbike insurance that gives you the peace of mind to concentrate on the road and enjoy the ride.

It pays to insure right with our Comprehensive Motorbike Insurance. You get fully inclusive cover and access to all of our Assist Benefits.


What our Motorbike Insurance covers

We’ll cover you for liability, if you’re in an accident, damage someone else’s property, or if your motorbike is stolen. You’re also insured if your bike is damaged in a fire or flood, or if any accessories are stolen along with the bike. And you can add hail cover to your policy. That’s a whole lot of cover.


Motorbike Insurance benefits

As a Comprehensive Motorbike Insurance customer, you can download and register on the Dialdirect Insurance App for free. Our app gives you access to Tow Truck Direct, where a reliable tow truck is sent directly to your location, and all it takes is the tap of a button. Once you’ve requested a tow, you can see your driver’s location, what time they will arrive in tow you, and their personal details so you can identify them. This service, however, is only free of charge if you have Comprehensive Car Insurance. Go on, get Motorbike Insurance quotes online today and get back ching.


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