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Corporate Insurance

You’ve worked hard climbing the corporate ladder, and it’s now time to recognise that your booming business needs protection. Our unique Corporate Insurance has been crafted to cover your most pressing concerns and ease your worries so that you can stay certain and focus on what you do best. With Dialdirect, you can rest assured that you’ll be certain of your cover so that when it comes time to claim, you’ll be paid out fast. 


While it’s more fun to focus on successes, it’s worth noting that there are always risks that could arise at any turn – no matter the size of your company. We’ve got your corporate business covered, so you can focus on doing your thing while we handle the rest. 


Why do you need Corporate Insurance?


At Dialdirect, we understand that your business is your livelihood. That’s why we’ve crafted Corporate Insurance options that can help you spend more hands-on time in your business, while we cover the paperwork for you.


It’s worth investing in our Corporate Insurance policies if you care about the longevity of your business and want to protect it from a lot of unpredictable situations. We can help you out with cover for yourself, your premises, employees, property, equipment and any intellectual property that might be yours.


Who needs Corporate Insurance?


Dialdirect Corporate Insurance has been tailored to suit companies with major assets, regardless of the premises, industry, province or sector you may be in. We’ve got cover for you, whether you own an engineering firm, hardware store, industrial factory or office park. Our hands-on policies are constantly being updated to suit your specific business insurance needs. We offer policies that focus on specific risks that may apply to your business, including the most important aspects of your operation that need protection the most.


You’ll benefit from our corporate cover if you’re a large retailer, multinational company, agricultural group, or if you’re lucky enough to boast a large portfolio of property. Our Corporate Insurance is suitable for mining, manufacturing, digital networks, service-based businesses and so much more. We know that no two businesses are the same, so we’ll easily come up with a unique insurance option tailored for your business. No matter what your hustle may be, we’ve got a solution that’s been crafted just for you.  


What does Corporate Insurance cover?


We know that it can be stressful thinking of everything that you need cover for. With Dialdirect Corporate Insurance, you can rest easy with the certainty that you’ve got cover for: 


  • Public and product liability

  • Intellectual property 

  • Business risk 

  • Wide-ranging coverage on property, vehicles, and assets that your company owns 

  • Casualties

  • Business interruption 

  • Machine breakdown and material damage 

  • Cash insurance

  • Office contents and electronic equipment 

  • Fire and accidental damage

  • Business vehicle insurance, including damage or theft  

  • Employers liability 

  • Theft from your business premises 

  • Goods in-transit 

  • …and many more, tailored to your specific corporate business!


We know that your business doesn’t fit the mould, and we’re ready to craft a customised plan just for you. We’ve got cover for you, no matter which sector or industry you love working in. You’ll be lightyears above the rest for keeping your business constantly protected. You can certainly trust Dialdirect’s comprehensive corporate coverage options to attend to all your business needs. 


Extra Assist Benefits


We have a proud history of being dedicated to assisting in the growth of businesses of every size. That’s why we’ve developed unique assistance products that enable us to help businesses like yours grow even further. These services focus on assisting and supporting key business areas, namely: technology, business management, operations, finance, marketing and sales, and debt counselling. We’ll also throw in medical advice and emergency office services including plumbing and locksmithing, as well as industry-specific tender assist and so much more. 


Do your thing. Get back ching. Just for protecting your business. 


Corporate Insurance quotes


Corporate Insurance with Daildirect offers so much more than just protecting your valuable assets in your business. To chat with us today about tailoring Corporate Insurance solutions or requesting a quote, call us on 0860 10 5085 or email us at [email protected].


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