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The Dialdiary – blog articles to keep you in the know

Black Friday: Where can I find good deals in SA?
Black Friday is making another return to South African shores on Friday, 23 November 2018. Find out where to find great deals in SA.
How does junk status affect your insurance?
The recent credit downgrade left South African consumers in a flat spin. And it’s no wonder – as we’ll all feel the impact in our daily lives. At Dialdirect, we want to make sure you stay informed about how this downgrade might affect your insurance cover.
Tips to help you take care during the Cape storm
Weather forecasters are urging residents of the Western and Northern Cape to be prepared for freezing temperatures, heavy rains, snow and gale force winds. At Dialdirect, we want you to be prepared. We also want to help protect you, your loved ones and your valued possessions from these severe weather conditions.
Do you have your ducks in a row?
It’s very hard to believe, but quite a lot of people don’t keep their insurance policy documents safe. At Dialdirect, we believe that its always better to be safe than sorry, and that means keeping all your important documents, including your insurance policy documents
How do you ensure you’re insured properly? Part 2
In last month’s blog, we talked about a question that almost every insured person has had to ask themselves when something goes wrong: “Am I really covered for this?” You shouldn’t have that feeling of dread and doubt as to whether you’re covered or not, especially during the holiday season. This is the time for relaxation and rest, not for stressing about your insurance.
Enjoy a worry-free summer with Dialdirect
Hello. We want to tell you about something that happened to the insurance industry 13 years ago. Something big. Everything that people thought about insurance was challenged when we cut out the middleman and made it possible for people to come direct to us when they needed cover. We were so committed to making insurance as easy and as personable as possible for our clients that we put it in our name.
9 quotes by entrepreneurs to propel you into the New Year
Along with making it easy to get car insurance quotes online, we thought we'd ease your year-end stress by sharing some advice from famous entrepreneurs.
8 Must-haves for the modern business traveller
Deciding whether to take car insurance on your car when you travel for business is enough to worry about. Let these 8 tips ease your business travel stress.
How to loadshed-proof your business
It’s become part of our daily lives, and the reality is that load shedding is going to be around for a while. Isn’t it time to put some plans in place to safeguard your business and keep things going when the lights go out?
Phishing scam alert: signs to watch out for
Phishing scams are on the rise as more people become active online, creating a ripe opportunity for cybercriminals to lure unsuspecting victims. Here are some signs of scamming to watch out for.
These holidays, don’t pay for online shopping you’ll never get to enjoy.
You might not know it, but online identity theft is especially rampant during the festive season. The good news is that, when it comes to cyber crime, Dialdirect has you covered with Cyber Insure.
Watch out – cybercrime is on the increase
You spend a lot of time online; doing business, connecting with your mates and organising your daily life. The unfortunate reality is that criminals are taking more chances than ever, and they even lurk in the dark corners of cyberspace nowadays.
Stick to your New Year’s resolutions with these easy tips
Humans have been celebrating the New Year for at least 4000 thousand years, with various cultures honouring the tradition in their own ways, usually with feasts and revelry. Some serve legume-based foods such as lentils, as these are considered to represent coins and thus a prosperous financial year ahead; in others, pork is served because pigs are seen as symbols of wealth.
8 factors that affect your life cover premium
If you have children, a bond, or a long-term partner, chances are, you’ve taken out life cover or, at the very least, considered it. If you’re thinking about getting life insurance, it’s a good idea to first understand how much you need and what factors affect your monthly premiums.
7 Easy ways to manage year-end stress
From insurance companies, to business people, to working moms; dads, year-end stress affects everyone. Here are 7 tips for managing it; staying relaxed.
5 things your parents inadvertently taught you about insurance
What valuable advice did your parents give you in your childhood and teen years and how can you use them to understand insurance better?
5 Incredible routes that will make you want to go on a road trip today
Here are 5 of South Africa’s most spectacular routes for an unforgettable road trip during the holidays.
Handy tips to help you drive right and stay safe on the roads this holiday season.
At last, holiday season has arrived – and that means, chances are, you and your loved ones are planning to hit the road. So here are some handy tips to help you drive right and stay safe these holidays.