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The Dialdiary – blog articles to keep you in the know

Cyber criminals aren’t on lockdown – Here’s how to protect yourself online
South Africans are under increasing financial pressure due to the nationwide lockdown and cyber criminals are no exception. Read more here.
What you need to know before learning to drive
For most individuals, learning how to drive is one of the most exciting experiences. But before you get into the driver’s seat, there are several things you can learn that will increase your confidence as a driver on the road.
The top 10 searched for cars in South Africa
Interested to find out what the most sought after passenger cars in South Africa are? Read on to find out which cars make the top ten list.
9 Top Home Insurance Tips for Homeowners
While it’s stressful and time-consuming to buy a home, taking out home insurance should be easy. We’ve put together must-know home insurance tips to help you when you buy a home.
What to do with your Monthly Payback cash this festive season
Unsure of the best way to spend your Monthly Payback from Dialdirect? Check out our ideas that are sure to spread joy this festive season.
Your holiday insurance checklist
Read our holiday insurance checklist to make certain you’ve got your home contents, building, vehicles, cellphones, and cyber presence covered.
Helpful Business Insurance Tips
As a business owner, you have a business to manage and have probably read many articles about taking out business insurance, so we’ll keep our advice short and succinct.
How to loadshed-proof your business
It’s become part of our daily lives, and the reality is that load shedding is going to be around for a while. Isn’t it time to put some plans in place to safeguard your business and keep things going when the lights go out?
Breaking down business insurance
Whether you’re a tradesman or a corporate CEO, there are ways to keep all aspects of your business protected. If you’re a bit unsure of what they entail, then here’s a summary to help you.
The New Tech-Scape – 5 Tech Trends Set to Claim 2020
This year’s technological growth looks set to be a progression full of futuristic joy. From autonomous driving, to artificial intelligence, and even another giant leap in space exploration, it’s going to be a smorgasbord of techy thrills in 2020.
Avoid falling victim to personal loans scams
Recent scam attempts have once again put personal loan scammers on the spotlight. Ensure that you do not fall victim to their schemes.
Myth Busters: Our app
Here are a few facts about how the Dialdirect Insurance App uses battery, data and how it’s tracking capability relates to claiming.
How to be safe, and stay safe, when you’re out on a run
The new rules in lockdown level 3 say we can get out there and run again, whenever we want. But even though some limitations have relaxed, it seems the bad guys haven’t. In fact, just the opposite. Recent stats have shown an increase in incidents where joggers are being targeted and mugged. Read on for more on how to stay safe when out on a run.
The risks of cancelling your life insurance
So, you’re thinking of cancelling your life insurance policy? While all your reasons to do so may be valid, such as opting to prioritize other expenses like rising school fees, which are putting many families under great financial pressure.
Why avid hikers should keep themselves insured
There have been several crime incidents on popular hiking trails that put hikers in danger when heading out to the outdoors.
Reduce Your Premiums On Car Insurance: Our Top Ten Tips
Discover the secrets to cheaper car insurance. Our Top Ten Car Insurance Tips can help you reduce your premiums. Do these ten things and keep more cash in your pocket.
How to Cancel Car Insurance
If you have decided to cancel your car insurance and risk it alone without a comprehensive car insurance policy, or you have decided to switch car insurance agencies, you can cancel your insurance policy by contacting your car insurance broker and they will assist you.
What Causes Car Insurance Rates to Increase?
Want to know what causes car insurance rates to increase? Here are factors that will cause your car insurance rate to increase & how to decrease it.