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The Dialdiary – blog articles to keep you in the know

What you need to know before learning to drive
For most individuals, learning how to drive is one of the most exciting experiences. But before you get into the driver’s seat, there are several things you can learn that will increase your confidence as a driver on the road.
The top 10 searched for cars in South Africa
Interested to find out what the most sought after passenger cars in South Africa are? Read on to find out which cars make the top ten list.
When to consider a personal loan
While many of us try to save for moments when a car breaks down or a large appliance needs to be replaced, sometimes there just isn't enough money available when you need it most. Check these points off to figure out if a personal loan should or shouldn’t be considered.
Need-to-know pointers when insuring your portable possessions
Do you know if your portable possessions are fully covered? That laptop, smart phone, designer sunglasses? There are some common misconceptions that we clear up to help you ensure that you’re insured right with our Portable Possessions Insurance.
Buying and financing your first home: a guide for young people
Coming of age as a home buyer can be exciting, but there’s a lot to manage. Read on for our best tips on how to buy your first home.
Insure your home in time for load shedding
While the national power grid is stable at present, now’s the time to start thinking about insuring your home against future load shedding.
Breaking down business insurance
Whether you’re a tradesman or a corporate CEO, there are ways to keep all aspects of your business protected. If you’re a bit unsure of what they entail, then here’s a summary to help you.
How to start a side business with no money
Keen to utilize a skill that could make you some extra money? Follow these tips to get your side business going when money is tight.
9 quotes by entrepreneurs to propel you into the New Year
Along with making it easy to get car insurance quotes online, we thought we'd ease your year-end stress by sharing some advice from famous entrepreneurs.
Avoid falling victim to personal loans scams
Recent scam attempts have once again put personal loan scammers on the spotlight. Ensure that you do not fall victim to their schemes.
Myth Busters: Our app
Here are a few facts about how the Dialdirect Insurance App uses battery, data and how it’s tracking capability relates to claiming.
The ever-increasing importance of cyber insurance
In this largely tech-oriented age, cyberattacks are an unfortunate everyday threat. That’s why cyber insurance is a necessary means of protecting yourself against potential loss.
The risks of cancelling your life insurance
So, you’re thinking of cancelling your life insurance policy? While all your reasons to do so may be valid, such as opting to prioritize other expenses like rising school fees, which are putting many families under great financial pressure.
Why avid hikers should keep themselves insured
There have been several crime incidents on popular hiking trails that put hikers in danger when heading out to the outdoors.
Should you get life insurance your 20s?
Whether you're a recent graduate or a young professional, you may be thinking about purchasing life insurance. But is that the right step for you? Here are some things to consider.
Signs it’s time to break up with your old car
For some, the time to get a new car is when a shiny new model captures their attention. Others re-evaluate their car situation when their family grows. However, the most common sign you need a new car is when your existing vehicle is getting old and you can no longer trust its reliability.
Mistakes that could invalidate your car insurance
Car insurance is the most significant financial protection you can put on your vehicle. The reasons car insurance can become invalid vary — but there are ways to overcome this hurdle.
Why it's wise to keep your car insured
There are times when you might see certain investments as expensive and therefore unnecessary. No matter what financial changes you make, however, it's always wise to hang onto your car insurance.