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The Dialdiary – blog articles to keep you in the know

Dialdirect, Discovery Insure and City of Joburg partner to fix potholes
The City of Joburg, Dialdirect Insurance and Discovery Insure today announced the launch of the Pothole Patrol, a partnership to manage the repair of potholes throughout Johannesburg, in a unique data driven initiative designed to make roads safer for all residents.
Here’s how you could boost your ching wih Dialdirect Payback Booster
We could all use a cash boost, especially in these challenging times. Imagine earning extra ching for doing something you already do, driving right and insuring right. Start the year right by boosting your ching with Dialdirect’s Payback Booster.
Surviving Eloise – a practical guide
South Africans were impacted by the magnitude of Cyclone Eloise. Dialdirect Insurance shares a guide with you on how to reduce or avoid damages.
Chat about the things you love on Spotify’s Greenroom
Get chatting about music, your favourite sports team or other topics you love on Spotify’s Greenroom app. Get the lowdown from Dialdirect and do your thing.
Remote working: Are you covered by your home insurance?
With COVID-19 pandemic, many people are working from home. Does this have any effect on their home insurance policies? We take a look.
Budding DIY Enthusiasts: Here’s why you should check your insurance
During the Covid-19 crisis, many South Africans turned to DIY for maintenance jobs around the home. But we caution DIY enthusiasts to think twice before getting stuck into home improvement projects because things can, and sometimes do, go horribly wrong. Dialdirect Insurance offers some helpful tips.
7 Ways to Dial Up Your Ching in 2021
Now more than ever, having extra ching can make a world of difference. With us spending a lot more time at home the bills just don’t stop from groceries, electricity, water, data… the list goes on and on.
Rentals vs Airbnb: Has COVID-19 shifted the tide?
There are around 35 000 South African Airbnb hosts. What will happen to them after the COVID-19 pandemic has ended? We take a look at the future of Airbnb markets.
Is now the time to downsize your business property?
Is now the time to start thinking about downsizing your business property? Here are a few things to consider.
10 tips on how to shop safely online this holiday season
10 tips on how to shop safely online this holiday season. Before you add to cart and check out there are a few things you need to take note of. From creating strong passwords to researching the validity of sites, Dialdirect Insurance has put together some helpful tips for shopping safely online.
The importance of insuring electronic hardware as the world of work moves online.
While some changes including movement towards a virtual world of work were already underway before the breakout of Covid-19, the lockdown that has been put as a response to the virus, has accelerated the move to online spaces for many companies.
The New Tech-Scape – 5 Tech Trends Set to Claim 2020
This year’s technological growth looks set to be a progression full of futuristic joy. From autonomous driving, to artificial intelligence, and even another giant leap in space exploration, it’s going to be a smorgasbord of techy thrills in 2020.
How to maintain PPE compliance amidst the COVID-19 outbreak
Here’s how you can maintain your PPE compliance in the workplace to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in South Africa.
How to be safe, and stay safe, when you’re out on a run
The new rules in lockdown level 3 say we can get out there and run again, whenever we want. But even though some limitations have relaxed, it seems the bad guys haven’t. In fact, just the opposite. Recent stats have shown an increase in incidents where joggers are being targeted and mugged. Read on for more on how to stay safe when out on a run.
The risks of cancelling your life insurance
So, you’re thinking of cancelling your life insurance policy? While all your reasons to do so may be valid, such as opting to prioritize other expenses like rising school fees, which are putting many families under great financial pressure.
Tips to avoid being hijacked or robbed
Hijackers are always coming up with new ideas on how to rob motorists of their cars or things. Dialdirect gives you the latest information on these new tactics.
Tips on how to avoid pothole damage
Potholes have become a signature look for South African roads. They cause major damage to cars and make the driving experience a game of ducking and diving. This partnership between Dialdirect and Discovery Insurance to manage the repair of potholes is an initiative that has brought about a lot of change in a matter of months.
Tips to avoid being hijacked or robbed
Highjackers are always coming up with new ideas on how to rob motorists of their cars or things. Dialdirect gives you the latest information on these new tactics.