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10 strangest things sold online

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The age of information has made many things easier and more accessible. You can now do your monthly groceries without stepping out of your home, buy a complete wardrobe online or even order a lounge suite. The possibilities of what you can buy on the net are literally endless and this might not be such a good thing. Here are a few of the stranger things we’ve come across:

  1. Obese Arnie:
    Yes, that Arnie. For some reason someone thought that the market needed a life-sized model of Arnold Schwarzenegger, depicting how he would’ve looked if he were morbidly obese. This ton of fun is all yours for a ridiculous R204, 608, that’s excluding postage.

  2. Live Ladybirds:
    Plant lice problem? Ship in a tub of live ladybirds, 1,500 to be exact. I would hate to see what these poor creatures look like once they finally reach our shores. Rather keep your R182 for something more trustworthy.

  3. Frozen Chicken Feet:
    To place this order you must really love or need these - the minimum amount per purchase is 25 metric tons, that’s 25 000 kilogrammes, about the same weight as 19 average cars.

  4. Human Sized Hamster Wheel:
    If you feel like you’re not getting enough exercise, a New York man might have the answer for you. He is giving away his human-sized hamster wheel, for free but that’s not all, this kind-hearted soul will throw in an additional 20 kg of shredded newspaper, like the deal wasn’t sweet enough already. You don’t ever have to leave the house again.

  5. Nicolas Cage Pillowcase:
    Have movies like “City of Angels” and “Gone in 60 seconds” left you paralysed by Nicolas Cage’s good looks? Do you dream about being with him nightly? Look no further, the heartthrob can now be in your bed forever, whether you want to snuggle or talk philosophy, with this pillow cover Mr. Cage, in his 50% cotton and 50% polyester form, is yours forever.

  6. Haunted Rubber Ducky:
    Some people think bath time is all about relaxation, bubbles and calm while others prefer to get out of the tub terrified. If you are part of the latter group, you’ll be sad to hear that you missed out on a bid for a “haunted” rubber ducky, adding some screams in-between shampooing would’ve cost you around R1315.

  7. The Moon:
    A company in America is selling land on the moon and with a slogan like “Nothing can be better than to own your own crater”, who can resist? Unfortunately, you cannot purchase the entire moon but, for less than R400, you can be the proud owner of 0.4 hectares in the serene “Sea of Tranquillity”.

  8. Baby Wigs:
    All babies are born bald, so it makes perfect sense that they would need to keep their noggins warm and what better way than with a natural looking baby wig. The best part of these miniature wigs is that you can dress your baby up to look like your favourite celebrity; options include Bob Marley, Li’l Kim and Samuel L. Jackson.

  9. Unicorn Meat:
    The existence of the mythical creature has long been disputed but, since you can now find the dismembered meat of a unicorn in a can, it must be true. Have a truly magical meal for only R180, the easy-opening can means that you won’t even need a can-opener. Now that’s a bargain.

  10. Parents:
    All kids, usually teenagers, get mad at their parents, so mad they might even think of silly things like selling them, which they usually don’t do, luckily. But, if you’re 51-year-old Michael Amatrudo from Connecticut, nothing will stand in your way of “upgrading”. Amatrudo believed that his parents were too old and that he’d like to trade them for either R1887, younger parents, an Erector set (metal construction toys) or a “hot blonde”.

While some things that you can buy and manage on the internet are rather ludicrous, others are very handy, practical and will no doubt save you time. Easily buy and manage your insurance policy online here with Dialdirect.