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8 Must-haves for the modern business traveller

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Are you a globe-trotting traveller? A frequent flyer? If you travel around the world for business, you know that it rarely involves sightseeing, relaxation or pleasure. Most of the time you’re rushing from one location to the next and, just when you’ve settled down, you’re on a flight back home.

Business trips are definitely tiresome, but they don’t need to be. With today’s wonderful inventions, you’ll be looking forward to your next overseas working trip. If you travel frequently for business, read our must-haves list that will make your flights more pleasant, your transfers more relaxed and your stays a little more enjoyable.

1. Wireless charger

There are a few options here, depending on your needs. You might want to buy a power bank in case there’s an emergency and you need to charge up your phone, or you could get a wireless charging station that will keep you connected through multiple devices. Either way, a wireless charger is a must-have for the modern, on-the-go businessman or -woman.

2. Colourful travel tags

If you fly a lot, there’s a good chance that you’ve seen someone take what looks suspiciously like your own bag off the carousel, or you’ve almost walked off with someone else’s. Bright, colourful and unique bag tags will make sure you don’t arrive at your hotel with someone else’s clothes. Plus, you’ll have enough to worry about once you’ve landed, like whether or not your car rental company has automatically included car insurance for your hired vehicle; you don’t need the added stress of not having your bag.

3. Universal adaptor  

You feel proud that you remembered to pack a charger for each of your devices – personal phone, work phone, tablet, laptop – now you can charge all of them at the same time. But as you reach to the wall to plug them in, you realise you can’t power them up because the plug socket in your hotel room is not South African. You could go out to the nearest store to find the right adaptor, but that’s a waste of money and a waste of precious time. Rather keep a universal adaptor in your luggage at all times and save yourself the hassle.

4. Luggage scale

You could put your heavy suitcase on your bathroom scale, but the reading won’t be very accurate. If you take the chance at the airport, hoping it will be under the weight limit, you’ll be creating some unnecessary anxiety for yourself. Rather get nifty little luggage scales that make the task of weighing your luggage much easier and far more accurate.

5. Pocket projector

This little gadget will easily fit into your bag and it will look mighty impressive when you use it at that big presentation you’ve travelled across the country to present.

6. Earphones

If you’re not much of a talker on flights, then buying a quality set of ear- or headphones will be an excellent investment for you. Whether you need to get some work done or you want to catch up on sleep on the flight, a good set of earphones will become your best travel buddy.

7. e-Reader

There are different kinds of e-readers out there, all ranging in price. The Kindle Paperwhite is still incredibly popular as it’s easy to use, uncomplicated, and can store hundreds of books. It’s smaller than the average book, so you can take it anywhere with you; you can even finish that last exciting chapter while you’re waiting for your next meeting.

8. Clothes steamer

Your clothes are bound to get creased when they’ve been sitting in a suitcase for hours and hours. Buying a travel clothes steamer will ensure that you always look your best for your meetings. If you need to smooth out your dress or suit jacket, it takes just a few seconds to iron it out.

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