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Geyser claim

One of the ways to take the unsure out of insure is to make it easy. Follow the claim guide below that we put together to do just that.

1. Phone your Dialdirect Emergency Assist line

Your emergency assist services are a phone call away and will assist 24/7/365 with your emergency needs.

2. Reporting your claim

If you called our emergency home assist service they will initiate the repair or replacement process.  We will automatically be alerted of your claim.

When you report your geyser claim online we will automatically be alerted and will be in touch with you during office hours to finalise your claim. We know how inconvenient it is to be without hot water and we will do our best to get your hot water back on again as soon as possible.

3. Here are some important facts you should know

  • If your geyser needs to be relocated, there may be a slight delay, because an electrician will have to be appointed.
  • If the plumber can’t access your geyser a contractor will have to be appointed.  Our service provider is authorised to appoint a contractor on our behalf.
  • If the plumber discovers damage caused by the bursting or overflowing of your geyser and you were unaware of it at the time when you reported your claim, an assessor will be appointed to inspect the damage.

Would you like to report a geyser claim now?