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Cover your 4x4 and go far

Thursday, August 12, 2021

If you drive a 4x4 and use it for what it’s designed for, you’ll know how exhilarating it can be to go off-roading. You’ll also know that any damages to your car, like hitting a pothole (or worse), can end up costing a lot of ching. Make sure you do your thing and get the right cover.

What is Dialdirect Off-road Insurance?

Dialdirect Off-road Insurance offers full protection, just like our standard Comprehensive Car Cover. It covers the widest range of risks and also gives you access to emergency assistance like Tow Truck Direct. This definitely comes in handy if you’re ever stuck on the side of the road.

What risks are covered?

This cover includes theft, accident, third-party, windscreen, fire, flood damage and you can even include hail cover in your policy. 

What about the app?

If you download the Dialdirect Insurance App and have Monthly Payback, you can earn up to 75%* back in cash every month just for insuring right, driving well, driving less and not driving at all. You also get other amazing features and benefits like access to SOS services. These include towing and storage after an accident, help with changing a flat tyre, charging a flat battery, locksmith services and fuel delivery, where fuel is charged at an extra cost.

You’ll also get a Payback Bonus

When you have comprehensive car cover, you can select Dialdirect Payback or Dialdirect Payback Bonus to receive a bonus after four claim-free years. This allows you to earn up to 25% of all your premiums or the entire first year’s premiums (whichever is less) back in cash.

Choose Monthly Payback for even more ching

If you add Dialdirect Monthly Payback to your comprehensive car insurance policy, you can earn up to 75% back in cash every single month, for insuring right, driving well, driving less or not driving at all. Make sure you download and sign in on the Dialdirect Insurance App and you could be making some extra ching.

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Dialdirect is an authorised non-life insurer and financial services provider.

Terms and Conditions online.

*Payback is dependent on the option selected. In order to qualify for the full advertised reward Payback Booster must be selected at an additional cost, and the customer must drive right, insure right and complete the additional activities.