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How does junk status affect your insurance?

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The recent credit downgrade left South African consumers in a flat spin. And it’s no wonder – as we’ll all feel the impact in our daily lives. At Dialdirect, we want to make sure you stay informed about how this downgrade might affect your insurance cover. First, you must know that the credit downgrade may lead to higher inflation and interest rates. But what does this mean? An increased cost of living. It is becoming more expensive to pay for your daily necessities.


The impact on your vehicle and vehicle insurance


  • The price of vehicle parts will go up due to the increasing cost of imports.
  • Due to the increase in these parts, short-term insurers have to increase premiums. 
  • Many people may want to cancel their vehicle insurance to save some cash, but this would mean that you’ll have to pay for any repairs from your own pocket.
  • There are ways in which you can try to reduce your car insurance premium. You have to review your risk factors, for example, if your car is parked in the street, try to find a solution to park it behind a locked gate or in a garage.


Your household contents


  • As with vehicle part imports, the cost of repairs for imported home equipment and décor will rise. It is therefore essential to make sure you are not underinsured.
  • You could also lower your home contents insurance risk, and possibly your premium, by installing extra security measures like installing burglar bars or home security system.


Although we live in uncertain times, we urge you to speak to us before cancelling your insurance to save costs so that we can take the unsure out of insure. Saving a couple of bucks a month is not worth the stress of knowing that you aren’t covered. With us, you should always have insurance certainty.