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Motoring and Travel

When it comes to your next set of wheels, why buy when you could just subscribe?
Your next car might just be a subscription. With the advent of subscriptions, it’s time to start thinking differently about what kind of car you drive, when you drive it – and how much you actually pay for your car.
Need more convincing about Dialdirect's cash back?
It's true. As a comprehensive car cover customer, Tshepang gets cash back from Dialdirect. Every. Single. Month. Don't believe us? Let him tell you here.
The most rewarding resolution you can make in 2018? Drive Right.
So what better New Year’s resolution to make than to be a more careful, more mindful driver? For one, you’ll make life a whole lot safer for yourself and others. And then there’s the fact that you’ll also make life a whole lot more rewarding.