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Technology and Science

Help is just a button away with Namola
According to Statistics South Africa’s Victims of Crime Survey, 1.2 million South African households experienced 1.5 million crime incidents in 2016/17.
The backseat driver you might actually take advice from
Over 90% of drivers rate themselves as possessing above-average skills behind the wheel. Thanks to basic mathematics, we know this can’t be true. This phenomenon, known as illusory superiority, is a common human trait, and usually a harmless one at that, but not when road users’ lives are at stake.
How telematics is transforming South African roads
Ask any city-dweller in South Africa what their biggest day-to-day gripes are, and their daily commute is more than likely to be close to the top of their list. With more and more cars and congestion on the roads every year, not to mention our notoriously action-packed driving styles.