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10 Proven tips to help reduce your car insurance premiums

Wednesday, June 17, 2020

So, you’ve bought a brand new car. First off, congratulations! And if you’re still looking for the car of your dreams, keep an eye out for our car buying tips (coming soon). We’ll look at our top tips for choosing the car that will benefit you the most.


Whether you’ve got a Volkswagen or a Ferrari, you will need car insurance to help take care of your shiny new car and cover the costs if you ever get into an accident. Many car insurance packages offer financial assistance and take care of other things too, like your mental health or transporting your car from the accident scene. These extra benefits are useful after a car crash, but they come at a cost.


Here are our top ten MUST KNOW car insurance tips to help you get the most out of your car insurance plan.


  1. I Choose You

Insurers determine your car insurance premiums based on several factors, starting with the car you drive. For example, the premium BMW 7 Series and Audi R8 will cost more in car insurance instalments than the Suzuki Swift or Volkswagen Polo. If you want to pay lower premiums, choose to own and drive a car that allows for it.


  1. I Choose You, Yellow Lightning

The colour of your car also influences how high your premiums go. For real. They're not being difficult, it’s just that repairing a car in a unique colour could cost more than fixing up a standard white, silver, or black car. Repair costs are factored into the premium, so maybe skip the hot red if you want to pay a lower premium.


  1. It’s All About The Badge

Stability is a key factor. Car Insurance companies consider the car brand itself and how ‘available’ they are. The last thing you want is to offer an insurer to accept a car brand that doesn’t have any service centres and requires spare parts imported from another country at a special request. Yep, you guessed it. These costs could push up your premium rate.


  1. Less Fast, Less Furious

Sportscars are automatically classified as a bigger risk than, let’s say, an affordable family station wagon. So, ditch the idea of driving off in a 2-seater convertible V8 unless you don’t mind the hefty monthly car payment. To save bucks get the mom van.


  1. Annual Checks

Have you called your insurance agency and asked for an improved or updated premium? If your car insurance agent really cares about keeping you on board, they will go the extra mile to help you out. Ask your car insurance agent to take a look at your car insurance premium and see if you can nip-off a few rands somewhere. 


  1. Win with Discounts

If your car insurance company is offering discounts to customers, such as student or loyalty perks, see if you can get in on the action. Keep an eye on the specials and discounts they’re offering.


  1. Call Your Parents

If you are young or a first-time car buyer, see if you can go under your parents’ car insurance. Some car insurance companies will offer clients the opportunity to insure other drivers and vehicles under their insurance packages.


  1. Update Often

Started a new job with more secure underground parking? Let your insurance company know and they might reduce your car insurance premium because the risk is lowered. Communicate any changes in your life that could lower the risk profile of your car to your car insurance provider.


  1. Just Drive Less

We know this is contradictory but if you think about it, there might be a few ways where you can use other ways of transport rather than driving your car. Public transport, taxis, or jumping in the seat of a colleague driving to work can help reduce the need of you driving your car. 


  1. Take an Advanced Driving Course

Got another speeding ticket or bumped your car again? Add that to the factors they will consider as a negative when determining your car insurance premium. If you really want to improve your driving skills, sign up to do an advanced driving course. You can spend your day racing sporty cars around skid pans and passing the course should reduce your car insurance premium.

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Sources: Consumer Reports, Auto.HSW

All the information and statistics garnered from named sources detailed within the written article are correct at the time of print and may be subject to change over time without the knowledge of the publisher after printing and publishing dates.