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Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub

5 min read

How to choose the right type of insurance for a business car

Motoring and Travel August 26, 2020

Getting car insurance for business vehicles is a relatively simple process in some cases. You simply call your current or new insurance broker and inquire about getting your company vehicle or fleet insured under your business insurance policy or a separate business insurance policy.

Sounds simple enough but knowing what affects business vehicle insurance premiums could save you some money and prevent future headaches. Here are a few things that could affect vehicles insured under your business insurance policy.

Your Specific Industry

If your company delivers newspapers in the early hours of the morning from one drop-off point to the next during the early hours of the morning, your business car insurance premiums could be less than that of an urgent medical supplies carrier, something that is expected to race through traffic.

How Often Vehicles Drive

Insurance companies consider risk as a quantifiable factor when completing an insurance quote. Factors such as how much the vehicle costs and how often they are driven will be assessed and factored into the insurance quote.

If the vehicles are driven daily, they will require a better car cover policy than vehicles driven once a week.

How Far Vehicles Drive

The same logic applies to the distance these company cars drive each day. The more kilometers are clocked, the more the vehicle is in danger of being involved in an accident, hence the car insurance premiums might be more.

Vehicle Type

This might seem simple, but it could easily become a complex matter when going into great detail. The immediate thought might be that cheaper cars cost less, but it is not always the case.

In some aspects, certain cars that cost more have added safety features which could end up costing less in car insurance premiums as the risk is far less than that of the cheaper vehicle.

Another difference could be the actual segment of the vehicle and its purpose. Take bakkies for example. Double Cab luxury liners are not expected to go through the same enduring tests and trails as that of a Single Cab workhorse. Categorising the vehicle type could result in a difference in insurance premiums for company vehicles. Try and take this into consideration when you are applying to get cover for business vehicles.

Driver History

The drivers of the vehicles will have to be listed under the car cover policy. If a driver has a high-risk profile or history of reckless driving, then the vehicle insurance policy might cost more each month.

Is There Another Option?

You might be considering including your business vehicle in your current car insurance policy. Because your business and personal cover is separated, your business vehicle, or any transportation connected to a business, cannot be covered under the personal car insurance policy.

If you are looking to get your company vehicles insured under your current or new business insurance policy, contact us today on 0861 007 367 or complete a form online and we’ll get back to you asap!


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