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Online policy management anywhere, anytime

Thursday, October 08, 2015

Imagine if you never needed to speak to a call centre agent to make changes to your insurance policy ever again – just think of all the time and frustration you’d save. But if you don’t need to call us, how do you make adjustments, sort out a query, or find out how much you can look forward to on your Cash Back Bonus? You do it all online. This year, we’ve implemented an online management system that allows you to control your policy entirely online, end to end. Whether you want to edit your risk items, add more family members, or even submit a claim, you can do it all online anytime, anywhere.

But rather than just tell you about it, we thought we’d give you the details from our clients’ perspectives. Read on to find out about all the great things you can do online while you’re on the go.


The tutorial


If it’s your first time logging in to your account, a tutorial message welcoming you pops up and tells you everything you need to know about editing or adding to your insurance policy. It starts by showing you where you can select any of your policies using a dropdown box in the upper-right corner, and then it guides you on how to update your personal details. For example, if you move and you need to update your home address for your car insurance, you can change it quickly so that your quote remains as accurate as possible.

The site also has a handy section where you can see your account status, your projected Cash Back Bonus, and you can update your bank account details. We’ve also taken into account the changes you’re most likely to make and added in quick links for these to your dashboard, so if you need to submit a claim, the tutorial will show you where you can click to go the correct page immediately.

Further, you’ll see that all of your relevant documents are available to download, as well as a list of the items you’ve insured with us, and your monthly premiums and your excess payable on each policy. Plus, if there is anything outstanding from your side, we’ll alert you. Here you’ll also see the history and details of any claims you’ve made with us. The functionality doesn’t end there, though. You can add more family members to your policies, and, if you start a new quote online and don’t have time to finish it, you can carry on from where you left off later when you catch a gap in your busy day.

If you don’t need all of the standard tabs on your dashboard, you can rearrange it so that you only see what’s relevant to you. But are you really saving time? This all sounds great, but how much time are you really going to save? Yes, it’s new and innovative, but that doesn’t mean we haven’t already perfected the process. We’ve made our online policy management platform efficient because we know that you don’t have the time to hang on with a call centre agent after you’ve had an accident and you’re already late for an important meeting.


If you need more convincing, let’s take a closer look at some of the things you can do online:


Add items: Whether you’re a motorcycle fanatic and you’ve recently added a new bike to your impressive collection, or you’ve decided it’s time to insure your dream house, you can add it to your policy in a few easy steps.  

Edit your items: Just got a tracking device installed in your car? This could bring down your monthly premiums, so you can directly edit your vehicle’s details and add this information in, and we’ll automatically recalculate your monthly premium.

Edit accounts: If you’ve recently switched banks, don’t worry about moving your premium’s debit order over; simply update your bank account details online.

Add-ons: We have a range of benefits that you can choose to add, such as Scratch and Dent, Legal Cover, Personal Accident, Auto Top-up and Funeral Cover. Simply check the boxes next to the benefits you want, select the value of the cover you want, and you’re done.

Service providers: We’ll tell you where the nearest Glass Fit and Easy Way centres are to you so you can get the administration part of your car insurance claim out of the way as fast as possible.

Upload documents: When you start your insurance journey with us, we sometimes need some important documentation, such as the vehicle inspection certificate for your car. Your online profile will state if this information is outstanding, and you can upload it in seconds.

When we say that you can do everything online, we mean it; this is only a glimpse at all the things you can do for yourself.