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And the award for Product Of The Year goes to......Dialdirect

Friday, March 29, 2019

South Africa has spoken, voting Dialdirect Product of the Year 2019 (Service Category). We are both incredibly proud and humbled by this accolade, which is the world's largest consumer-voted award for innovation with 4 000 households participating. According to Preteesh Sewraj, Product of the Year South Africa CEO and Chief Innovation Analyst, “We are really excited to see such great innovation designed for the South African public. Over 80% of consumers loved the product, post-use, which is exceptionally high for products in the survey.”


Votes based on PayBack Benefit

The votes were based on our Payback benefit, which gives customers the chance to earn cashback of up to 75 %, through our innovative Dialdirect Insurance App. The App includes a host of other features, including Tow Truck Direct, which sends immediate roadside assistance to you if you have a breakdown or an accident. An authorised tow truck will be at your service, right where you are at the click of a button. The tow truck driver’s details, his location and his estimated time of arrival are all clearly displayed on the App.

Head of Dialdirect Maanda Tshifularo, went on to say: “Our App uses the latest in telematics technology to monitor driving behaviour. If you drive and insure right, you can earn up to 75% cashback, every single month. This is significantly higher than the rewards programmes offered by any competing insurance brand, and is the first offering of its kind in the market.”


DialDirect App

In addition to innovation, the App encourages people to be more aware of their everyday driving and improve on it in order to improve accident risk on our roads. In years past, road accidents have accounted for far more deaths than they should in South Africa, and something needed to be done about it. Winning this prestigious award affirms that we are on the right track and that you have made a smart choice by insuring with Dialdirect.

To make the most from our Payback benefit insure right - add Home Contents cover and Buildings cover to your policies, and complete additional activities like vehicle safety checks, eye tests, and policy detail confirmation. Just make sure you do your thing and you can get back ching.

Terms and conditions apply.