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Find out why you need to get caravan insurance | Dialdirect

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

You’ve heard about car insurance, home insurance and even life insurance, but did you know you can get your caravan insured as well? Makes sense since a caravan is a large expense.

Caravanning is a lovely hobby and a popular activity for many South Africans. The chance to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life and temporarily move your home and family away for a holiday to a new location seems like the ideal plan. No need to book a hotel or book flights, simply pack everything you want, hitch the caravan to your vehicle and set off on a lovely holiday.

Caravan insurance is a truly unique insurance product - it’s available for several types of caravanners. Active caravan users, essentially people who use a caravan as a temporary housing facility and camping on holidays, need a different type of insurance cover than ‘static campers’ - caravan users who use them as permanent homes.


Why Is Caravan Insurance Important?

Modern caravans have improved their safety standards in relation to the increased regulation authority’s requirements, as do most modern items. Your house, your car, and even your fridge are built to better, safer standards than before. But even with the increased safety, there is always a risk of damage caused by accident or neglect.

Many caravans make use of gas-powered equipment to heat up stoves and geysers, while others use electrical power points. Both pose various health and safety risks that could result in damage or complete loss of the caravan.

If the caravan is being towed, the trip also poses risks of accidents that could damage the caravan. Whatever the case may be, repairing that damage or, in the worst possible scenario replacing the caravan, could result in a large financial implication for the owner.

Even if the caravan is static and used as a permanent home, it too faces several risks. An impending thunder and lightning storm could cause damage to the caravan or ignite something in its vicinity that could spread fire over to the caravan.


How Can Caravan Insurance Help?

Taking out a caravan insurance policy could help caravan owners to protect the monetary value of the caravan and, in some caravan insurance policy circumstances, the contents inside. By getting caravan cover, the repair (or replacement) costs can be covered by the insurance company, meaning the caravan insurance policy owner will not have to cover the expenses.


Dialdirect Can Help With Caravan Insurance

Protecting your caravan and keeping its asset value can prove highly beneficial in the long run. If you use your caravan on regular occasions, having caravan insurance might help lessen the impact of the risks involved.

Looking to get your caravan covered under a comprehensive caravan insurance policy or a caravan insurance quote? Give us a call on 0861 007 367 or submit your details online at www.dialdirect.co.za today, and we’ll give you a competitive quote that could help you save money!


Dialdirect is an authorised FSP and Insurer T’s and C’s online