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Rental car insurance policies: find out how to choose the right cover

Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Travelling somewhere and looking to rent a car? If you are one of the thousands who rent cars each year, you will surely have been faced with the option of insuring a rental car. Car rental agencies usually offer a rental car insurance policy as an optional extra or standard in the rental car package. But there is another way…

Depending on your car insurance policy and the car insurance agency covering you, car insurance for rental cars could be included in your current policy. Each policy will tell you whether you have comprehensive or liability coverage that extends from your current car insurance to rental cars.

Car Rental Agency Insurance VS Insurance Policy

Out of the many factors that make up choosing which rental car insurance option you might end up taking, two factors might surely be a top priority. Cost and benefits. How much you will pay for rental car insurance and what benefits rental car insurance has.

Choosing between relying on your current car insurance policy or taking out temporary car insurance for rental cars is best done using a bit of mathematics. You can calculate what each option will cost you and decide based on that.

However, keep in mind that cheaper isn’t always better. Even though you could save on one, the other might offer better car coverage and would cost you less if you want to claim. Your choice should depend on doing some research.

To get clear advice on this, try and contact the rental car agency and discuss their car insurance policies or contact your car insurance agency and inquire about getting a rental car insured on your existing car insurance policy.

Choosing My Car Insurance Policy

If you choose to keep on using your own car insurance policy to cover a rental car, it is your responsibility to notify your car insurance broker or agency about it. You can expect some car insurance policies to already include coverage, with others requiring a change in policy and payment.

Your car insurance agency will want to know which model vehicle you are renting, how much you are paying, where you are driving, and for how long you will be renting it. Other factors that could also affect your car insurance policy change is where you plan on parking the vehicle.

Other Factors You Need to Consider

As with many car insurance policies, tyre insurance is an optional extra. As with a rental car insurance policy, your existing car insurance policy might or might not cover tyres and rims. The benefit of taking out a tyre and rim insurance policy if your existing car insurance policy does not provide cover for it is that you can drive stress free knowing that damaged or stolen wheels won’t end up in unexpected costs. Take your time to talk it over with your car insurance broker and have them help you decide what is best for you and your situation.

Want to see if your car insurance policy can include rental car insurance with us? Call 0861 007 367 or connect with us online today!


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