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Protect your tyres and rims

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

The state of our roads and the endless potholes can cause so much damage to your tyres, rims and pocket. If you want to keep doing your thing, you’ll need to make sure that your tyres and rim are covered with our Tyre & Rim Guard. It doesn’t matter whether you have two wheels or four, we’ll sort out any accidental damage caused by uneven road surfaces and potholes. This will save you ching so you can keep driving.

If you already have Comprehensive Car Insurance with Dialdirect, you can add Tyre & Rim Guard cover. If you don’t have cover with us, you can still get it as a stand-alone product.

What can you claim for?

You can quickly and easily claim for the repair or replacement of the tyres and rims fitted on your car if they’re accidentally damaged by potholes or uneven road surfaces. You can claim for 2 tyres and 2 rims up to the limit of your selected plan per year.  There is no excess on rim claims, however there is a tread excess applicable for tyres.


What benefits are included with Tyre & Rim Guard?

  1. Fine support: When you have Dialdirect Tyre & Rim Guard, we’ll add in our Fine Support benefit for quick and efficient traffic fine monitoring, notification and discounts.
  2. Three year guarantee: Any repairs that are made by our service providers are backed by a three-year guarantee. So you can be sure that your car is getting the right treatment.
  3. 3.       No paperwork: We take the hassle (and paperwork) out by handling claims over the phone.
  4. Payback Bonus: If you claim, your Payback Bonus isn’t affected. So you can still look forward to that nice payout after four claim-free years.
  5. Short waiting period: You’ll only have to wait 30 days, from when you accept our quote, until you’re fully covered.What about excesses?


While potholes will always be a pain point, when you have Dialdirect Tyre & Rim Guard, you know that you’re covered so that you can keep doing your driving thing.

Dialdirect is an authorised non-life insurer and financial services provider

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