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How Dialdirect’s Insurance App can help you drive like a boss (and get paid like one)

Monday, September 09, 2019

Dialdirect’s Insurance App represents a revolution in driver awareness in South Africa. With nothing more than a smartphone, users have the power to make driving not only safer but also lucrative. With Dialdirect’s Insurance App, responsible driving can earn you incredible cash-back rewards. Every. Single. Month.       

And we’re just getting started. Just picture it – the drivers of South Africa’s roughly 12 million cars, all using the latest GPS and phone sensor technology, contributing to safer roads for all. And it all starts with essential driving habits.


Risk Route Index (no longer a Factor)

We get it. You can’t always help the routes you take. It’s nearly impossible for you to avoid the daily stop-start, rush-hour traffic you have to endure to get to and from work. We’ve heard your suggestions and that’s why we’ve removed this Factor from your scoring as of 1 July 2019.


Speeding, Braking and Acceleration

Aggressive speeding, unnecessarily hard braking and sudden acceleration don’t only take a toll on your tyres, brakes and engine; they also increase the chances you’ll end up in a collision. Dialdirect’s smartphone technology monitors these driving behaviours on your behalf, and if you manage to keep your cool, your Drive Score will increase and you’ll get cold, hard cash (every month) as your reward. Our recently updated app also has more info on speed limits than ever before and we’ll tell you no-no-no when you’re trying to go-go-go in a 60 km/h area.


Cellphone Usage

Steaming cappuccino in-hand, you’re back on the road when bae’s face pops up on your phone. It’s tempting to answer, we know, but using cellphones while driving is one of the leading causes of car accidents today – so you decide to put it off until you get to the office. Good choice. You have once again increased your Drive Score.



Less time spent on the road means less risk to your car. You decide to ask around the office to find out if anyone else living in your area would be interested in carpooling, or you decide to make use of public transport a few times a week to be more eco-friendly. Congrats, you’re our kind of driver. The app monitors the distances you drive and rewards you for cutting down your distances wherever possible.


Night Driving

Friday night and your crew is up for a night on the town, but you know better than to offer to be the Designated Dave. Even stone-cold sober, you know that driving at night is a risky prospect, and your car would be better left safely tucked up at home. Since you’re all together, you suggest splitting an Uber – keeping your risk down, saving your car mileage, and enhancing your Overall Drive Score at the same time.


Better science, better driving

You’ve concentrated on easy braking, gentle pull-offs, and you’re in your driveway before night-time. You check the app and expect to see a perfect score, but, uh-oh, you only see four stars. What went wrong? With our new interactive map, you can see exactly where you’re driving right and where you need some improvement.


The bottom line

Less risk to you and your precious wheels, more effortless trips, and cash back every month – paid directly into your account. What’s not to love? If you’re ready to take the challenge, click here to learn more.