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Knowledge Hub

Knowledge Hub

5 min read

Affordable Car Insurance for Pensioners: Get The Best Cover

Motoring and Travel July 11, 2023

After decades of work and building a career and family, it's finally time for you to retire. If you move to your long-awaited retirement location or are closer to family, you may drive more than before your retirement. However, you may find that your car stays parked in your garage for days because you no longer have the daily commute to and from work. Either of these scenarios means you should re-assess your current insurance and consider taking out car insurance cover more suited to your new lifestyle. As with most repeating purchases, you'll want a product that considers your needs. If you want to know about gettingcar insurance for elderly drivers, especially car insurance for 65 and older, Dialdirect is here to help.

Do pensioners pay more for car insurance?

According to recent estimates from Stats SA, aroundsix and a half million[1] people in South Africa are aged 60 and over. However, this age group won't necessarily pay more — or less — for their insurance because of their age. 

Generally speaking, your risk does increase as you get older, as your health may get poorer. However, this increase can be offset by age-related savings in other areas. For example, having decades of history-free claims will definitely count in your favour. 

You can also keep your premiums lower by driving an affordable car or observing other measures like installing a tracking device or parking it in a locked garage. It's worth taking your time to re-evaluate your current car insurance premiums (if you have insurance) or research the best car insurance companies for elderly drivers, as they could offer you more competitively priced cover.

5 tips to get the best car insurance for elderly drivers

Although car insurance for pensioners can vary according to your personal risk profile and what local insurers have to offer, the following tips can help you make an informed decision based on what's being offered to you:

1. Check the requirements for car insurance for pensioners

Most service providers promising the best car insurance for elderly drivers will determine your risk before offering you coverage. There are a number of factors that affect your car insurance premiums. Discover How age affect affects your insurance premiums.

2. Select the best car insurance for elderly drivers

Now that you've shortlisted your list of potential service providers who offer car insurance for pensioners, you can determine what level of coverage you need. Don't assume that what you've always chosen will remain relevant to you after retirement. For example, your car may be paid off completely, so you won't be required to take out comprehensive cover anymore.  

3. Find auto insurance for senior citizens 

Comparing your options for car insurance for pensioners will ensure you select one of the best car insurance companies for elderly drivers. When comparing different providers, examine similar products or coverage with each other to make a fair comparison of the excess charged, applicable exclusions or if there's anything else in your terms and conditions that can impact your coverage. Many insurers promise discounts or cash-back benefits if you log several driving hours without incidents or claims. You could also ask these insurers if they have experience insuring pension-aged clients and how they approach submitted claims. You want an insurer that balances your risk with a premium amount that isn't too high.

4. Review the insurer’s customer service

Time is precious when you're a retiree. Don't overlook the importance of customer service when picking car insurance for pensioners. The right service provider will allow you to contact them in ways that are convenient for you and save you time. They can offer you a dedicated phone app or online chatbot that can address simple questions or escalate them accordingly. And if you are uncomfortable with online technology, you’ll want a service provider with a person you can talk to on a phone line!

5. Disclose all the facts

Honesty is essential to preserve your coverage and policy. If you have chosen the best auto insurance for elderly drivers for those 65 and older, it may be contingent on your driving ability and physical and mental well-being. Should this change and you fail to disclose it, you could have your claims rejected due to non-disclosure. 

Get car insurance for 65 and older with Dialdirect

Life's too short to spend worrying about whether or not your insurer will honour your claims just because you're getting older. Dialdirect understands this, so we can help you cover your vehicle as a pensioner. We have plenty of experience doing so for other South African drivers over 65 years of age. Contact us today for a car insurance quote to get the process started.

Dialdirect is a licensed non-life insurer and financial services provider.


[1] Stats SA: Protecting South Africa’s Elderly 

Disclaimer: The information in this article is provided for informational purposes only and should not be construed as financial, legal, or medical advice.

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