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What to do with your Monthly Payback cash this festive season

Friday, November 15, 2019

When you drive right, it’s easy to earn extra cash this festive season – with Monthly Payback from Dialdirect. Not only will you be keeping yourself and your fellow road users safer during this dangerous time on our roads, you could also earn more cash back than ever before.

Already wondering what you’re going to do with all that extra ching come December? We’ve got some ideas you might love.


Presents for your family

For many people, the best part of the festive season is making their loved ones happy. If your spouse or children have had their eye on something special for a while, why not use your Payback cash to give them a brilliant surprise over the holidays?


Treat yourself

You work hard to earn your year-end break and you’re the one who’s driving right every day – why not spend your Payback on yourself? You certainly deserve it. Buy that new PlayStation game all your mates are playing, install that sweet sound system in your car, or get the putter that will help you improve your golf game.


General expenses

For most people, this time of the year equates to a lot more spending. From going on holiday to finding activities to entertain the kids, to hosting braais and lunches – it all adds up. It might not be exciting but using your Payback to cover some of these expenses could make this festive season a little less burdensome money-wise.


Pay off debt

If you’ve accumulated some debt through the year, rather than adding to it, the best present you could give yourself and your family is to pay it off. Whether you get R300 or R3 000 in Payback, you’ll be amazed how drastically every extra cent paid into debt helps to reduce it.


Save it

No one likes to think about Janu-worry during December, but with expenses like school fees, new uniforms, credit card debt, and new prescription glasses, responsibility catches up sooner or later. Your future self will be eternally grateful to your current self if you save that Payback money and put it towards some unavoidable expenses come the new year.


Donate it

There are so many ways to help those less fortunate these holidays. You could buy a Christmas hamper to feed someone, donate a present to an orphanage, or purchase food for your local animal shelter. You can even involve the whole family – this way, everyone will feel good over the holidays.


Go on holiday – later

If you prefer to go away after the festive season, when everyone is back at work and you can post enviable Instagram pics to make your friends and colleagues jealous, you could use your Payback to pay for a cheeky little getaway. Not only are holidays cheaper after the peak season, but the roads are less busy, making it easier for you to keep driving right and earning Monthly Cashback from Dialdirect.

If you’re not earning Monthly Payback, what’s holding you back? You too could be daydreaming about everything you could do with a little extra cash back this festive season. When you’re a Comprehensive Car Insurance customer, all you need to earn Payback is to download the Dialdirect Insurance App here, register on it, and drive right.

Do your thing. Get back ching.