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How a Business Insurance Policy Can Help Grow Your Company

Wednesday, April 06, 2022

As a business owner you’ve sacrificed money, time and a whole lot of effort to get your business where it is today. And you are probably well aware that one wrong decision or unfortunate event can wipe out your cash reserves and leave you bankrupt. That’s why getting business insurance in South Africa is a must. It simply elevates and protects you against the many risks that come with running a business - from unexpected lawsuits, machinery breaking, your tools getting stolen, and even water damage in your shop or business premises. Dialdirect’s business cover will also bridge the financial gap when your business temporarily cannot operate. Find out how business insurance can actually take your company or business from strength to strength. 

 Don’t risk your growth as a business


Not having business insurance is not only stressful, but it could mean that you as the business owner would need to pay for these unfortunate events that sometimes occur like business interruption due to industrial action or a supply chain issue. In this case, business interruption insurance might be a good idea for your operations? Unforeseen incidents such as these have huge implications for a business owner and would serve to take away from your potential profits and could even slow down your business growth. Business Insurance would cover these costs so that you stick to business as usual and focus on making that ching.

 Why should you have business insurance? 


No one starts their own business with the intention of having the exact same offering as another business; it is your business’s unique business proposition and competitive differentiators that leads to its success. This also means that each business has a set of unique needs when it comes to insurance. There’s no one plan when it comes to insurance for businesses. That’s why Dialdirect offers you the opportunity to choose the type of cover suitable for your business and industry. Our trained team can help create a tailor-made business insurance solution with everything you would need based on the risk factors you face. 

How Dialdirect’s Biz Assist can help you grow your business


When you take out a business insurance policy with Dialdirect, you’ll automatically get access to a range of Biz Assist benefits free of charge. This includes access t oa 24/7 online and telephonic resource that is designed to support you in your business growth whether you are a start-up or are a seasoned professional. 


1. Business support from a team of experts 


Our database of professional advisors, mentors, and specialists are experts in key business areas and are just an email or phone call away. They are ready to assist with any business-related questions or concerns you have for a wide range of matters. Let them help you grow your digital presence and remote assistance with your IT and tech issues. You even get your own virtual personal assistant to help with important business arrangements.


2. Preferential pricing for goods and services


Save money with the Biz Assist’s business concierge service. This will help you with the purchasing of goods, services, and equipment at preferential pricing, as well as with the booking of appointments and making travel and accommodation arrangements. We also offer a telephonic personal assistance service with this benefit. 


3. Financial advice from trained advisors 


We offer telephonic advice on numerous financial topics that impact small to medium-sized businesses. If need be, we can also refer you to a specialised expert on any given subject should your financial issues require specialist assistance.


4. Credit reports available


We’ll give you a once-off personal credit report[1]. You can use this financial summary to gain visibility into your current and past debts, including your payment history. 


5. Collections assistance


We can help you streamline the collection of outstanding debt by assisting you with data washing (cleaning up of your records and removal of duplicate or superfluous entries), tracing of debtors who are no longer reachable at the address on record and make those collection calls on your behalf.


6. Grow your digital online presence 


These days, a digital presence is a must for most any business as online transactions and activities are favoured by consumers. Dialdirect’s business insurance can help provide you with some of the following:

  • Corporate identity development 

  • Internet domain registration

  • Splash page development

  • Facebook setup 

  • Newsletter development

  • Website analytics

  • Marketing consulting – advice and recommendation for website, corporate identity and other branding elements


7. Office support and assistance


We will support you with assistance in an office emergency to prevent further damage as well as emergency services notifications or callouts. We also supply mobile updates on your active case.


8. IT help desk support


IT issues can seriously affect business operations and productivity. Don’t panic, we’re here to help. Our IT help desk support team can give you access to telephonic support for those IT-related issues regarding computers, laptops, printers, internet routers, etc.


9. Tender application assistance


Find out how you can successfully apply for tenders our specialised assistance service that comes with the Dialdirect business insurance benefit. We will give you proactive notification of upcoming tenders, and supply you with the relevant tender documentation templates.


10. Business vehicle or fleet assistance 


Our road assist benefit offers assistance for your business vehicles or fleet during vehicle breakdowns and accidents so you don’t have to lose any time or contracts over delays. There are two parts to this benefit:


  • Breakdown assistance. Should your car break down, we’ll tow it to the nearest authorised dealer. We’ll also arrange for safe storage of your vehicle should the need arise. In addition, we offer emergency assistance for keys locked in your car, a flat tyre, a flat battery, or if you’ve run out of fuel. If a breakdown occurs, we’ll send a notification to family or friends, should you wish.

  • Accident assistance. We’ll provide towing to the nearest approved panel beater or repair yard after an accident and provide you with collision procedure advice.


Get a business insurance quote from Dialdirect


Dialdirect’s specialised options offer some of the best business insurance in South Africa and include office business insurance, professional insurance, tradesman business insurance, business property insurance, general business insurance, bed & breakfast business insurance, professional indemnity, directors & officers liability and broad form liability.


Biz Assist in a benefit you get, at no extra cost, when you take out a business insurance policy with Dialdirect. Help your business grow with these expert services you can rely on when it comes to navigating your way through the challenges of operating a business. Trust Dialdirect with your business needs. Business insurance quotes are available online for your convenience. 


[1] BusinessTech.co.za: Understanding your credit report