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The backseat driver you might actually take advice from

Friday, September 08, 2017

Over 90% of drivers rate themselves as possessing above-average skills behind the wheel. Thanks to basic mathematics, we know this can’t be true. This phenomenon, known as illusory superiority, is a common human trait, and usually a harmless one at that, but not when road users’ lives are at stake.

Fact: nobody likes a backseat driver. It can indeed be infuriating when someone you’re actually doing a service for is full of comments and remarks about your driving – even if they’re right. Luckily, with the advent of modern mobile technologies, drivers can now monitor and strive to improve their driving habits, without having to concede defeat to their passengers.

Dialdirect’s new Insurance app is just one such technology, providing real-time feedback on 7 driving behaviours critical to arriving safely and keeping your vehicle in good working order. But we’re not the only ones. Apps like Waze, TomTom, GasBuddy and a plethora of others are being used more and more frequently by drivers, not only for basics like traffic congestion, but to help drivers stay aware of their driving behaviours without having to swallow their pride. These are some of the top reasons that drivers would be wise to start incorporating such technologies into their lives.

Self-improvement, without the arguments

If you were given an opportunity to improve at your own pace, in your own way, would you take it? You’d probably answer “yes” to that one. Now, what if you were told you need to improve by a shrill, judgemental voice coming from your backseat? That’s what we thought. Apps and technologies that bring less-than-ideal driving habits to your attention – and make changing those behaviours rewarding for you as the driver – tend to be far more successful in altering them for good.

Lower risk of accidents

Nobody sets out on a journey thinking that they might end up in a collision, yet thousands happen every day. And while some are unavoidable, most can be attributed to behaviours like cellphone usage and speeding. Not many would argue that it’s worth taking your time while driving and arriving safely, but with today’s busy lifestyles making every moment count, it can be tempting to let bad habits take over. Driver monitoring technology serves as a regular and unobtrusive reminder to keep your cool, helping to shape better driving habits over time and to keep them up in the long run.

Saving money

We all dread it when our cars start blinking and beeping, desperate for a little tender loving care in the form of a service. Few of us budget adequately for maintenance (many break out the trusty old credit card when the time rolls around), but what if we told you that the way you drive could make those services and general upkeep a lot more affordable?

Most general wear and tear on your vehicle is a result of how you drive. Speeding and over-revving take a serious toll on your engine, while sharp cornering and harsh braking wear out your brakes and tyres. Combine that with the costs involved in a possible bumper-bashing that could happen at any time, and it makes sense to be proactive and alter driving behaviours before they start costing you your hard-earned cash.

There’s no time like the present to start working towards actually being in the top 10% of drivers, rather than simply believing you are. Click here to find out more about how Dialdirect’s new insurance app can make you a better driver (and pay you back in cold hard cashat the same time), or get in touch through our contact page.