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How to keep your car looking like new

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Everyone knows that it can be tough to keep up good habits during the winter months. After all, it’s cold, it might be rainy, and it’s just so much more tempting to stay indoors. But with the arrival of spring also comes all those new good intentions, like making plans to eat better, to start exercising again, to spring clean your whole place – you know, the usual. But this spring, why not add another early resolution to your list: keeping your car looking like new.

After all, driving right really does start with the little things – and, to be honest, it’s so easy to accomplish. All that’s required is just a little extra effort and commitment on your part. Besides, just think for a sec where you’d be without your car. It’s gets you to work, to gym, takes you on those fun, spontaneous road trips – so surely it deserves a little extra TLC to keep it looking as good as the day you got it?

So where do you start? Easy – with a proper spring clean. Get a big bag and take out all the stuff that might be lying around in your car. Chuck all those old receipts, empty fast food containers, half empty water bottles, random pieces of paper – all of it. Also be sure to check the cubby and the boot. Then, once you’ve got the clutter out, break out the vacuum cleaner and go wild. Once the inside is done, go big with a bucket and sponge and give the outside of your car a proper once over. Again, don’t forget about wheels and rims, or under the bumper. Of course, if your car needs a little extra professional attention, you can always take it to a proper car wash. (Depending on where you are in the country, maybe also keep those water restrictions in mind.) But however you clean your car, just make sure you commit to giving it a regular clean, at least once a month.  

Then it’s important to frequently take care of the essentials. Like checking your oil every time you fill up, filling up with the right kind of petrol, checking your lights and brake pads, changing your spark plugs, and having your car serviced once a year. It’s really easy to keep putting off these relatively small tasks, but just gritting your teeth and taking care of them regularly, it’ll soon become second nature and your car will definitely thank you.

Of course, there are other simple things you can do as well to keep your car looking like new – such as parking in secure, undercover parking (if you can), trying to keep your car out of the sun or extremely cold weather and, most obviously, driving well and always having the right car insurance you need.

By adding just a few good car habits to your routine, you’ll make sure your car always looks good and, as an added bonus, you’ll definitely help its resale value when the time comes for an upgrade.