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Easy car safety tips

Friday, October 16, 2015

Nowadays, modern cars are full of sophisticated technological and security features that make them desirable to own. Unfortunately, this desirability also means they attract the wrong type of attention – that of thieves.

To ensure your vehicle doesn’t end up being targeted, we’ve compiled a list of easy-to-follow tips to help you ensure that your car is safe at all times:

Double check your car doors are locked:  

Modern cars make it easy for you to see whether the doors are indeed locked or not as they will flash their indicators lights upon locking. However this isn’t enough, as these days there are countless anti-lock jamming devices doing the rounds. These devices make it appear as if your car is locked, when, in fact, it isn’t. A foolproof way to ensure that it is indeed locked is to pull on the door handles before you walk away.

Be parking savvy:

When it comes to parking in public bays and on the street, your safety should always be a priority. If possible, park as close as you can to the establishment you’re going to. If you can’t, ensure that you’re parked next to other vehicles and not in an isolated area; criminals target cars that are isolated. Also look for parking in well-lit and heavy foot traffic places; this deters people from breaking in as they will be seen. Lastly, before you walk away, ensure that you have closed all windows plus the sunroof. This stops chancers from trying their luck.

Remove all valuables from sight:

 If you keep valuable items in your car, keep them hidden in the boot or under the seats. Items such as iPods, cell phones, wallets, handbags, tablets and laptops attract criminals who might break into your car to get to them. If you use a GPS navigator, don’t leave it on the windscreen when you reach your destination; remove it and put it in the glove box. Also remember to wipe away the suction mark on the windscreen as this could alert potential criminals that there is an item of value in the vehicle. Sometimes even the most inconspicuous items such as jackets and jerseys left on car seats could become items of desire for criminals, so be sure to keep everything away from sight. 

Add extra security features

Although your car may come equipped with its very own security system, it doesn’t hurt to add on to what already exists. If anything, it’ll ensure your vehicle is well protected. What’s more, there are plenty of anti-theft devices available on the markets today which are easy to fit, use and in most cases, won’t temper with your car’s mechanics. These items include electronic immobilisers, alarm systems, hand steering wheel locks, hood locks and tire locks.

Invest in an anti-theft device:  

At Dialdirect Insurance we encourage our clients to fit their vehicles with an anti-theft device.  That’s because these devices go a long way towards recovering vehicles. Criminals are also aware that cars fitted with these devices aren’t easy to steal as they will be quickly recovered. For an easy way to keep you and your vehicle safe, simply give us a call and we will arrange for your vehicle to be installed with a tracking device today.