Disability Cover

Disability Cover


One of the first things that runs through your mind, as you navigate your way through the trauma of becoming disabled, is how you and your family will cope financially. It’s a hard fact that needs to be considered, because unfortunately, money does play a role in your adjustment, wellbeing, and lifestyle.  Dialdirect has partnered with 1Life to give you the chance to get Event-Based Disablement or Occupation-Based Disablement Insurance.

Life products are underwritten by 1Life Insurance Limited an authorised financial services provider.


  • No medical examinations are required, only a HIV test
  • If your full Disablement Benefit is paid out, your other life insurance won’t be affected, if applicable.
  • Includes a Guaranteed Assurability option so that you can increase your cover amount if your lifestyle changes – for instance, if you get married or buy a home
  • Freedom to choose our Disablement Premium Waiver option, which pays the premiums of your Pure Life Insurance, if applicable, and Dread Disease Insurance policy on your behalf for a period of up to five years if you become disabled and the full cover amount of your disablement policy is paid out
  • Provides access to Expo-Sure, a confidential HIV testing and treatment programme for accidental exposure

What's covered

  • Pays out a percentage of your cover amount, from R50 000 to R10 000 000, depending on the kind of disability you suffer
  • Covers you immediately for accidental disablement


Other products available are Life Insurance and Dread Disease Cover.

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