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Choosing the Right Insurance Company

Choosing an insurance company is a pretty big deal. When something goes wrong, you want an insurer that will be there for you and do what they’ve promised to do. Whether it’s car, home, buildings, or another kind of insurance, when you need to claim, you’re probably going to be in a vulnerable position. Make sure you pick an insurance company that has your back and won’t leave you hanging when you need them most. 


Here are a few ways to tell if you’ve found the right insurer for your needs.

Their history

You don’t want a fly-by-night insurance company looking after your most valuable possessions and assets. But do you want a company that can’t keep up with the times? Look for an insurer that has a stable history and is always at the forefront of innovation. You want a company that will change and grow with you and is always looking for ways to make getting insurance and claiming on it as easy as possible.


Their approval record

Not all insurance companies in South Africa are created equal. Look for an insurer with a higher-than-industry-average claims approval record. If you can’t find these details about a specific insurer, ask around. You’re bound to know a few people among your friends, family, and colleagues who are insured with the company you’re looking at. Learn about their claims experiences.

which leads to the next tip...


Their reviews

Reviews will tell you more about how good a fit a particular insurance company is more than anything else. But don’t simply look at one review, whether good or bad. Because insurance is a grudge purchase and so many people have cover, you’re bound to find dozens (if not more) of reviews that run the whole gamut, from terrible to brilliant. Look online at positive and negative reviews to see if anything that might affect you comes up over and over, and ask the people you know for their stories on their personal dealings with the company.


Their coverage

What the insurer will and won’t cover really is the most important part of choosing the right one for you. Insist on finding out the exact details of your cover before accepting an insurance quote. You might need something specific included that the insurer doesn’t cover, in which case, you’ll have to look at other providers.


Their benefits

There’s a good chance their insurance benefits and added value offerings are what will ultimately make up your mind. Do they offer 24/7 emergency assistance with their products? Do they have an app that makes submitting claims easier? Do they have a cash-back benefit?


Insurance company quotes

The most practical way to see if an insurance company is right for you is to get an insurance quote with them. Do they offer your preferred method of getting a quote, such as online or over the phone? If you quote online, can you complete a quote from start to finish? If you wanted to, could you get in touch with the company to continue the quote telephonically without having to start over? Are their consultants knowledgeable and helpful? These are all indications of what it will be like later on when, should something unfortunate happen, you claim and must deal with them again.  

Dialdirect has over 15 years experience and has been at the forefront of industry change from the start. From cutting out the middleman to our Dialdirect Insurance App that helps you drive right and insure right and get up to 75% of your comprehensive vehicle premium back in cash monthly, we are an insurance company of choice in South Africa.  

Dialdirect is an authorised non-life insurer and FSP. Ts&Cs online. Payback is dependent on the option selected. In order to qualify for the full advertised reward Payback Booster must be selected at an additional cost, and the customer must drive right, insure right and complete the additional activities.  

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