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Here’s how you earn

By driving right (driving well and driving less) you can earn Monthly payback rewards every day. Insuring right and completing additional activities earns you monthly rewards which are added together with your best 28 days of driving right rewards and paid out to you at the end of the month. Follow the in-app wizard to ensure all the necessary settings are enabled so your trips can be tracked correctly. Incorrect settings could impact your ability to earn rewards.

Try out the calculator to see what you could earn daily for driving right. You can also calculate your potential monthly rewards, for Driving right, Insuring right and completing your additional activities.

Rewards Calculator

Your comprehensive car premium

Excluding any fees e.g. Broker and Payback Booster

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Please enter a valid premium

Select a calculator

Distance driven per day

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Driving star score per day

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Is Booster active?

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This benefit can be activated on the Monthly Payback product to boost your maximum monthly earning potential from 25% to 75% of your comprehensive car premium back in cash.

Confirm your Insure Right cover

You are rewarded 5% back in cash for adding buildings cover and 5% back in cash for adding home contents cover to your car policy.

Have you completed the four additional activities?

This is required.
Booster customers are rewarded with 5% back in cash for completing 4 additional activities, namely: an eye test, car safety check, survey and risk confirmation.

Your monthly reward

Your daily Payback

{{DailyRewardCalculator.TotalPayback | currency : 'R' : 2}}

Your daily driving and distance reward is calculated at a daily level and not at a trip level i.e. your aggregated star score and total distance driven for the day.

We have used your inputs from the Daily rewards calculator and multiplied the results by 28 days to provide you with an indication of what you could earn monthly.

This is in no way guaranteed. Your actual reward for driving will depend on your driving behaviour and distance driven on your best 28 days of the month.

Daily rewards

Your daily rewards are made up of your daily Driving reward and your daily Distance reward. The daily Driving rewards table below outlines the rewards you can earn every day based on your aggregated star score for that day. The daily Distance rewards table below outlines the rewards you can earn based on the number of kilometres driven that day.

Daily Driving reward

Star score

Without Booster With Booster
{{item.StarRating}} {{item.EmbeddedReward | number : 2}}% {{item.BoosterReward | number : 2}}%

Daily Distance reward

Distance driven Without Booster With Booster
{{item.Distance == 1 ? "0 km" : item.Distance > 0 && item.Distance <= 21 ? "1 - 20 km" : item.Distance > 21 && item.Distance < 46 ? "21 - 45 km" : "45 km +"}} {{item.EmbeddedReward | number : 2}}% {{item.BoosterReward | number : 2}}%

Daily Driving and Distance rewards (daily Drive Right rewards)

These tables below combine both the daily Driving reward and the daily Distance reward into a single view, with the aggregated daily star score running across the top of the table and the daily Distance driven kilometre bands running along the left-hand side of the table. There are two tables, one for policies with the Payback Booster activated and one without the Payback Booster activated. For example: If the Payback Booster was inactive and you had driven between 1 and 20 km’s and your aggregated star score was 4 stars, for a given day, you would earn 0.35% of your comprehensive vehicle premium back for that day.

Star score

Distance Drive free day 1 2 3 4 5
{{$index == 0 ? "0 km" : $index == 1 ? "1 - 20 km" : $index == 2 ? "21 - 45 km" : "45 km +"}} {{item.Reward}}%

Star score

Distance Drive free day 1 2 3 4 5
{{$index == 0 ? "0 km" : $index == 1 ? "1 - 20 km" : $index == 2 ? "21 - 45 km" : "45 km +"}} {{item.Reward}}%

Monthly Payback rewards

The monthly rewards table below brings your best 28 days’ worth of Drive right rewards (daily Driving + daily Distance rewards) together with your Insure right rewards and the reward earned for completing the additional activities. This table outlines what you can earn per month with and without the Payback Booster activated.

Without Booster With Booster
Drive Right Best 28 days of Driving rewards + Distance rewards {{MatrixData.AdditionalActivity.DriveRight.EmbeddedReward | number : 0}}% {{MatrixData.AdditionalActivity.DriveRight.BoosterReward | number : 0}}%
Insure Right + Home Contents {{MatrixData.AdditionalActivity.InsureRightHomeContent.EmbeddedReward | number : 0}}% {{MatrixData.AdditionalActivity.InsureRightHomeContent.BoosterReward | number : 0}}%
+ Buildings {{MatrixData.AdditionalActivity.InsureRightBuilding.EmbeddedReward | number : 0}}% {{MatrixData.AdditionalActivity.InsureRightBuilding.BoosterReward | number : 0}}%
Additional Activities + Additional Activities (Payback Booster Only) - {{MatrixData.AdditionalActivity.Additional.BoosterReward | number : 0}}%
Total Monthly Payback Rewards {{MatrixData.AdditionalActivity.TotalAdditionalActivity.EmbeddedReward | number : 0}}% {{MatrixData.AdditionalActivity.TotalAdditionalActivity.BoosterReward | number : 0}}%