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Windscreen claim

Dialdirect is committed to making it easy so we have put together this easy to understand guide to help you with your claim.

1. Report your claim

You can report your windscreen claim online 24/7/365. Reporting a windscreen claim online is quick and easy. Once reported, your valid claim will automatically be approved and a notification will be sent to our exclusive supplier - Glasfit. Glasfit will then contact you to make arrangements to get your windscreen fixed.You can expect a call from Glasfit within 30 minutes (during office hours).

If for some reason your claim is not automatically approved we will be in touch with you during office hours to obtain any outstanding information to assist us to finalise your claim.

2. Here are some important facts you should know:

  • If your windscreen needs to be replaced it will be scheduled within 48hrs. Let Glasfit know if it is an emergency and they will do their best to have it completed sooner.
  • It takes approximately an hour to fit a new windscreen. Certain windscreens can take longer to fit, be sure to check with Glasfit how long it will take.
  • Your new windscreen needs time to set. You will not be able to drive your car for an hour after fitment.
  • There is no excess payable if we repair your windscreen, however an excess is payable should we replace it.

Remember if you can’t take your car to Glasfit they will be happy to come to you.

Would you like to report a windscreen claim now?