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Huawei troubleshooting steps


Troubleshooting wizard

Open the Dialdirect app, go to settings and choose troubleshooting wizard. Follow the steps to check your settings.


Software Versions

Ensure that your phone's system and the app are updated to the latest version.

To check for updates, perform the following:

System version: Open Settings and search for Updater/Software update. Touch Check for updates.

App version: Open Huawei AppGallery or Google Play Store to check for updates.


Location settings

Ensure that Location is always allowed in the background by performing the following steps:


For EMUI 10 and above (P40):

Open your Settings app and go to Apps. Go to “Dialdirect Insurance” and then to “Permissions”.

●      Location: Set to “Allow all the time”

●      Physical activity permissions: “Allow”

●      More permissions > Detect motion status: “Allow”

Open your Settings app and go to Apps. Go to “HMS Core” and apply the same permissions as done for the Dialdirect app above.


For EMUI 9 and below:

Open your Settings app, go to location: Ensure location is “Enabled” and set to “High accuracy”

Background app settings

Perform the following:

Check for updates

  • The app version may be outdated. Go to Huawei AppGallery or the app's official website to check for updates.
  • Your phone's system version may be outdated. To check for system updates:

Open Settings, search for and access Software update, and touch Check for updates. If a new version is available, update your phone at your earliest convenience.

Check your phone settings

Background apps may be cleaned up due to your phone's battery optimization functions. To avoid this issue, perform the following:

1.     Enable Smart tune-up:

o   Open Phone Manager/Optimizer, touch in the upper right corner, and enable Smart tune-up.

o   If Smart tune-up has been enabled, open Settings, search for and access Apps, and locate and access Phone Manager/Optimizer, then go to Storage > CLEAR DATA. Enable Smart tune-up again when you have a good network connection.


The preceding operation will restore all settings for Phone Manager/Optimizer. You are advised to configure the settings again after performing the preceding operation.

2.     Allow the app to run in the background:

o   EMUI 5.X: Go to Phone Manager > % remaining > Close apps after screen lock. Set the app to not close after the screen is locked.

o   EMUI 8.X or later: Open Settings, search for and access Launch, disable Manage automatically for the app, and select Run in background in the prompt window.

3.     Disable battery optimization functions:

o   EMUI 5.X and EMUI 8.X: Open Settings, and search for and access Ignore battery optimization. Touch the little inverted triangle next to Allow, touch All apps, locate and touch the app, and select Allow.

o   EMUI 9.X and later: Open Settings, and search for and access Battery optimization. Touch the little inverted triangle next to Don't allow, touch All apps, locate and touch the app, and select Don't allow.

4.     Disable power saving functions:

Go to Settings > Battery. Disable Power saving mode and Ultra power saving mode.

Close background apps you do not need

The memory of your phone may be insufficient when too many apps are running in the background at the same time. As a result, some background apps may be forced to close. You are advised to close background apps you do not currently need.

Uninstall third-party management apps

Third-party management apps may force background apps to close. Uninstall the third-party management apps and try again.

If the issue persists

This background app issue is common in the Android system. If an app is running in the background for a long time, Android's sleep mechanism and the app's power saving mechanism will work together to stop the app from running in the background. Huawei will continue working on this issue to improve user experience. Thank you for your understanding and support.


Additional tips for the Huawei devices without google

If you are still struggling with tracking, try the following steps

  1. Open the Dialdirect app regularly, try not to force close the app and rather just leave it minimised
  2. When pushing the square button to view all running apps, pin the Dialdirect app by dragging it down and seeing the padlock appear. This will help keep the app running
  3. Go to Settings in the Dialdirect app and enable the “Foreground service” setting.
  4. Restart the device