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Dialdirect's Black Friday Booster deal


  1. The Dialdirect Black Friday Booster deal is open to existing Dialdirect customers who don’t already have Payback Booster and to new customers who take out comprehensive vehicle insurance and / or include the Payback Booster on a quote on 24 November 2017 only.
  2. Existing customers with Payback Booster already activated on their policies and / or specific motor vehicle/s covered under their policy will not be eligible to participate in the deal. If a customer cancels their Payback Booster 48 hours before the Black Friday Booster deal begins, they will not be able to take up Payback Booster again until 00:01 on 25 November 2017, once the deal has ended.
  3. This deal is valid only during the following times: 00:01 on Friday 24 November 2017 to 23:59 Friday 24 November 2017.
  4. With the Black Friday Booster deal, customers or prospective customers can add Payback Booster to their comprehensive car insurance policies for R1 per month. For new comprehensive vehicle insurance customers, this price will be valid for the first six months from the date of commencement of the policy. After six months has elapsed, the monthly Payback Booster price will revert to its standard price of R69 per month. For existing comprehensive car insurance customers, the first month’s Payback Booster fee will be R69, and the following six months will be charged at R1 per month, where after, the monthly Payback Booster fee will revert to R69 per month.
  5. To be eligible for the deal, participants will be required to have a comprehensive vehicle insurance policy with Dialdirect which does not already have Payback Booster included on the policy and / or specific motor vehicle/s covered under the relevant policy.
  6. No persons under 18 years of age are eligible for this deal.
  7. These Terms and Conditions should for the duration of the Dialdirect Black Friday Booster deal be read in conjunction with all relevant Dialdirect and Dialdirect Payback Rewards terms and conditions.  
  8. Neither Dialdirect nor their associated or affiliated companies will be responsible for:
    1. Lost, late, delayed, misdirected, unintelligible or incomplete quotes.
    2. Telephone, electronic, hardware or software, network, internet or computer malfunctions, failures, or difficulties.
    3. Errors in transmission, any condition caused by events beyond the control of Dialdirect Insurance which may cause the promotion to be disrupted or corrupted.
    4. Quotes not received in the event of participants not successfully completing the quote process.
  9. Any violation or attempt to violate any of the above rules will result in the immediate disqualification of the participant.
  10. Dialdirect is an authorised financial services provider, FSP licence number: 15259.