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We at Dialdirect think you deserve the best, which is why we offer BetterCar Insurance quotes. BetterCar Insurance is like the superhero version of our Comprehensive Car Insurance. If your car is written-off, we’ll pay out cash for the same vehicle model, but one year newer and with 20,000 km fewer on the clock. And if your car doesn’t have a newer model, we’ll pay you out 15% more than the current value of your car. The best part is you only pay slightly more than you would for Comprehensive Car Insurance. Sounds like a good deal, right?

BetterCar Insurance perks

When you accept a Dialdirect BetterCar Insurance quote, you get the same benefits you would with our Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance: full cover and Monthly Payback. Here’s what that means:

BetterCar, better insurance

BetterCar Insurance covers you for theft, hijacking, liability, towing and storage, and accidental damage to your vehicle and third-party property. In addition, we insure your windscreen, any standard accessories in your car (like a factory-fitted radio), and cover your car if it’s damaged by a fire or flood. You can also choose to add cover for hail damage, your epic sound system if you’ve got one, and your car’s canopy.

The Dialdirect Insurance App

We’ve saved the best for last. With BetterCar Insurance, you get full access to our top-rated Dialdirect Insurance App. With it, you can request a tow at the tap of a button with Tow Truck Direct and earn Monthly Payback. We are the only insurer to give you up to 75% of your premiums back in cash every month, just for driving right. With our app, you can participate in driver challenges (to determine once and for all who the best driver in your household is) and earn monthly vouchers from our rewards partners. All you need is to do your thing and you’ll get back ching. Every. Single. Month. What are you waiting for? Get a BetterCar Insurance quote today.

Dialdirect is an authorised FSP and Insurer T’s and C’s online

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