Portable Possessions Insurance

Portable Possessions Insurance


Sometimes it just happens: you step on your watch, drop your phone, and leave your glasses at the coffee shop.

That’s not what we would call a ‘good day,’ but thankfully you can add Portable Possessions Insurance to your Home Contents policy and cover the cost of having to repair or replace these items. 


  • We have made sure that your Portable Possessions Insurance policy covers your valuables worldwide
  • Express Claims benefit: 24 hour turn-around time for approving and paying out certain claims for a wide selection of portable possessions
  • Assist Benefits included to help you out
  • Cash Back Bonus is included with your policy

What's covered

Unspecified Portable Possessions: Less costly items covered under a fixed amount on your policy & don't need to be individually named.

Specified Portable Possessions: More expensive items which are specified on your policy. 

All these possessions are covered for accidental damage, loss and theft. These include glasses, bicycles & cellphones.

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