BetterCar Insurance

BetterCar Insurance


What if you could replace your written-off vehicle with a younger, newer model? We’ve made it possible for you to be compensated with a better car – all you have to do is choose our BetterCar Insurance option. 

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  • Use the Dialdirect Towline and your towing and storage will be covered
  • Regular updates regarding the claim and replacement processes to keep you in the loop
  • The option to upgrade your policy with our range of additional vehicle products
  • Cash Back Bonus is included with your policy
  • Assist Benefits included to help you out

What's covered

  • Replace your vehicle with the same model, which is
    • One year newer


*Ts & Cs

  • BetterCar applies to all vehicle models less than or equal to 8 years old
  • BetterCar doesn’t apply to vehicles written-off as a result of theft, attempted theft, hi-jacking or attempted hi-jacking
  • BetterCar’s minimum pay-out will be 15% plus the retail value of the written off vehicle
  • BetterCar’s maximum pay-out will be 40% plus the retail value of the written off vehicle

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