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Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance

Vehicle Insurance 

If it has a motor and/or wheels, we’ll cover it. Our Vehicle Insurance includes Car, Motorbike, Caravan, Trailer, Watercraft, and Golf Cart Insurance.

Dial Direct App 

Vehicle Insurance customers get access to our Dialdirect Insurance App, which comes with loads of features and benefits.

24/7 Policy 

Manage your own policy 24/7 online or via our app. Update your details, add cover, and request documents anywhere, anytime.

Vehicle Insurance Benefits

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Comprehensive Cover 

Most of our Vehicle Insurance products provide comprehensive cover, which means we’ve got your back in nearly every situation imaginable.

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Assist Benefits

Get direct access to all our Assist Benefits when you take out any Dialdirect Comprehensive Vehicle Insurance.

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Payback & Our App 

Receive 500 MB of free data just for registering a profile on our website or app and confirming your details.

What is Comprehensive Car Insurance? 

 Comprehensive Car Insurance. is just about the best car cover your money can buy. Need accident cover? Check. Want third-party liability insurance? Check.

Gotta have theft and hijacking cover? Check. At Dialdirect, we give you all this when you cruise around on our South African roads. You even get cover in some countries outside of ours, like Botswana, Lesotho, Malawi, Mozambique, Namibia, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe.

All-encompassing, fully inclusive, complete, extensive. Call it what you will, but our Comprehensive Car Insurance covers you in nearly every scenario you can think of on the road.

Theft, hijacking & loss

You are covered against theft, hijacking and loss with Dialdirect’s Comprehensive Off-road Car Insurance. While we can’t predict the future, we know it’s smart to prepare yourself as much as you can against these risks.

In addition, if your vehicle is stolen and not recovered, we’ll pay out the value stated on your schedule.

Accident cover

If your car is damaged in the event of an accident, we’ll cover you. Once you download the Dialdirect Insurance App, you can request a tow truck to help at the press of a button with our Roadside and Towing assist. Watch as our approved tow truck makes its way directly to your location. You’ll know exactly who is coming and when they’ll arrive.

Third party cover

Accidents can happen to anyone. If you’re at fault in a collision, that doesn’t mean you should be punished for it. If you cause damage to someone else’s vehicleproperty accidentally, we’ll cover the repair or replacement costs.

Get a Car Insurance quote.