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Business Insurance

Tailor-made business insurance

We asked our customers to rate us on how easy it was to deal with us. They did their thing and scored us 9.1*/10 on average.

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Dialdirect Business Insurance includes

Tailored Insurance Solutions

You’re no stranger to smart business moves, so choosing tailor-made Dialdirect Business Insurance solutions is a no-brainer. You’ll have the opportunity to co-create the cover that suits your industry rather than having a one-size-fits-all plan, and if you’re not entirely sure what the cover you need is, we’ll also help you figure it out – so you don’t end up spending your hard earned ching on the cover you don’t need. Our tailored solutions include cover for risks like fire, accounts receivable, glass, business legal matters, group personal accident, Business all risk, machinery breakdown, business interruption, fidelity guarantee, and so much more.

Biz Assist can help you grow your business

When you take out a Business Insurance policy with Dialdirect, you’ll automatically get access to a range of Biz Assist benefits free of charge. This includes 24/7 online and telephonic support designed to support you in your business growth whether you are a start-up or have been around for a while now.

A database of professional advisors, mentors, and specialists who are experts in key business areas is just an email or phone call away. They are ready to assist with financial advice for a range of money matters, help in growing your digital presence, and remote assistance with your IT and tech issues. You even get your own virtual personal assistant to help with important business arrangements.

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Business Insurance

What is business insurance?

As a business owner you’ve sacrificed money, time and a whole lot of effort to get your business where it is today. And you are probably well aware that one wrong decision or unfortunate event can wipe out your cash reserves and leave you bankrupt. Business insurance in South Africa simply elevates and protects you against the many risks that come with running a business - from the unexpected lawsuit, machinery breaking, your tools getting stolen, and even water damage in your shop or business premises. Our business interruption cover will also bridge the financial gap when your business temporarily cannot operate.

Not having Business Insurance is not only stressful, but it could mean that you as the business owner would need to pay for these unfortunate events, taking away from your potential profits and even slowing down your business growth. Business Insurance covers the costs, so that you can carry on doing your thing and focus on making that ching.


Tailor-made Insurance

You understand your business better than anyone and we understand insurance, so together we can create and customise the perfect business insurance solution with your specific business needs in mind.


Biz Assist Benefit

We automatically include Biz Assist with your cover, giving you 24/7 online and telephonic support.


Specialised cover

We provide commercial insurance to a number of specialised industries, including e-hailing, tradesman, and business professionals.


All businesses welcome

We cater to hundreds of business types, tailor making every business insurance solution with each of their business needs in mind.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the waiting period for Business Insurance?

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How long before I get my pay-out after claiming?

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Can I insure more than one business?


Am I allowed to upgrade or downgrade my cover?


Looking for more Business Insurance products?

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Tailored Insurance Solutions

We have a customizable insurance option that can suit almost any type of business

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Business Property Insurance

We’ll protect your building or premises against any natural disasters, threats or weather conditions.

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Bed & Breakfast

We’ll cover your Bed and Breakfast business so you can focus on giving your clients the best experience.

Convenience Drive

Whether you are running between meetings, need an airport transfer, or your car has been booked in for a service and you need to be collected from the dealership, you can rely on Convenience Drive for assistance.

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This service is subject to availability during peak periods. We define peak periods based on statistics, for example, New Year’s Eve, Friday nights, etc.

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The vehicle’s make and model cannot be specified.

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This service is limited to a 4-passenger vehicle including luggage suited to the vehicle’s maximum capacity

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Should an additional vehicle be required, the call centre will assist on a best-effort basis and the second vehicle will be deducted from the remaining annual trips.

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Passenger vehicles larger than a 4-passenger vehicle are excluded from this service offering.

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Domain registration

Provide us with the domain names you have in mind for your business, and we will discover which domain names are available. Once you’ve chosen the preferred option, we’ll assist you in registering the domain, setting up your email accounts, and choosing a cost-effective monthly hosting package. If none of your domain options are available, we will assist you with alternative name choices. Domain registration does not include monthly Internet Service Provider (ISP) costs, but various ISP packages are available through us, depending on disk space requirements, and is an additional cost.

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Direct email marketing

We will provide you with a free newsletter template through which to introduce your business to a maximum of 250 email contacts. We’ll circulate this for you via a dedicated newsletter system and will provide a full report-back function with features such as:

an indication of bad email addresses within the given database

an indication of who clicked through on the message

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Facebook Business Page set up

Applying the information acquired for your splash page, we will set up your Facebook Business Page, targeting Facebook contacts that are applicable to your business. We’ll also assist you with initial artwork required: such as the page banner, a profile image, as well as an initial post. Facebook Business Page set up does not include monthly management and boost fees, but we have various packages to choose from at an additional cost.

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Splash page

Provide us with the details regarding your business and we will set up a splash page on your domain. Your splash page describes your business offerings and includes the business contact details such as telephone number, email address, and social media links. Splash pages create the ideal foundation from which to then fully design and construct your official website.

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Free Consultation

You can arrange to discuss any additional requirements such as the development of your official website, development of a full corporate identity document which includes official company colours and fonts, business cards, email signatures, office stationery, signage, vehicle branding, and other marketing material.

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Corporate identity

Provide us with a brief overview of your business and we will supply you with three graphic design logo options to choose from. Note: Stock images and photography are excluded.

The above services not only provide you with an instant online presence; they also enable the immediate collection of site analytics and user data to aid in further online communication and marketing strategies. The cost of this additional consultation and associated services is not included as part of the free consultation. Digital Presence assistance is available Mondays to Fridays between 8:00 and 17:00.