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Wearable technology of the future

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Wearable tech is on the rise. In 2014, an estimated 33 million wearable devices were shipped worldwide. 2015 will see around 75 million by the end of the year. Up until now, the wearable tech industry has been dominated by items that aim to improve people’s lifestyles, such as fitness and diet trackers, calendars that remind us of important meetings, and virtual reality that provides us with entertainment.

But as with all technology, the scope of wearable tech is expanding almost exponentially. When we look at Moore’s Law, which, put simply, states that processor speeds will double every two years, we can easily say that the future of wearable tech is around the corner, and as an insurance company that strives to make our clients’ lives simpler, we can’t wait.

And while smart watches and NFC rings are mainly limited to performing functions like tracking how many steps you take in a day or telling you to eat an apple, it’s not far off to think that one day soon you’ll be able to do more, such as get life insurance quotes in seconds with your wearables, and that’s just the start. Here is a look at some of the latest wearable tech, as well as some of tomorrow’s wearables.

Health & fitness trackers

Wearable tech is moving on from items you can strap around your wrist or slip onto your finger. Likely we will all be embedding these items into our bodies and track what we’re up to. What’s the point of this? Think of a sensor embedded between your teeth that will allow your dentist to see what you’re eating, drinking, and whether or not you’re smoking. Health trackers are already moving on from telling you your resting heart rate – there are child and adult nappies that can detect diseases during early stages.

The idea of embedded or implanted tech might seem invasive, but people have been putting devices in their bodies for medical reasons for years now; just think of pacemakers or cochlea implants that drastically improve the quality of life for thousands of people.


As retailers move further into the wearable tech space, they’ll be able to communicate more effectively with us. Imagine wearing a smart watch that knows your favourite clothing store. When you walk past that store in a shopping centre, it could tell you if there’s a special on and what that special is. Or the store could offer you a discount through your wearable tech when it knows you’re in the area, enticing you to enter the shop.

Apple already has a convenient point of sale mechanism where their customers can use a variety of their products, including the Apple Watch, to make contactless payments, and it’s likely only a matter of time until debit and credit cards are a thing of the past.

You can find out how wearables will make your life easier and save you loads of time by watching this video on what grocery shopping could be like with Google Glass.

All of this technology means that, in the future, getting car insurance or life cover with Dialdirect could be even easier than it is now.


Advancements in technology are perhaps most obvious in gaming. We’ve come a long way since old TV game consoles. Tech like Virtuix Omni gives gamers the opportunity to totally immerse themselves in virtual worlds.


This technology will soon be in classrooms, too. Teachers could be using items like Muse to find out what their students are responding to and what they’re not interested in, and in doing so, find better ways to engage them.

One thing is for certain – as people become more dependent on their devices to make their lives easier and save time, Dialdirect Insurance will be up to date with our cover of those tech items with our Portable Possessions Insurance